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Cincinnati Bengals 'Not Trading' Palmer, All Signs Now Point To Kevin Kolb or Kyle Orton

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There was a time, right around the 2011 NFL Draft, where it seemed that the Arizona Cardinals had agreements with several quarterbacks. The Cardinals "had an agreement" with Marc Bulger. Arizona was the most likely destination for Matt Hasselbeck. They had a trade agreement on the table for Kevin Kolb. Then there was a report that had the Cardinals in preliminary talks with the Denver Broncos discussing acquiring Kyle Orton.

Now things seem to be changing. 

Marc Bulger supposedly would rather stay on the East Coast and is not necessarily looking to be a starting QB. Matt Hasselbeck now is expected to return to the Seattle Seahawks

Another QB candidate that many hoped would be the guy to take the reigns for Arizona in 2011 appears to now be even less available than not available. Although Carson Palmer has reportedly has a seller under contract to buy his Ohio home and despite the fact that he has said he wants out, ESPN is reporting that Bengals owner Mike Brown confirmed that Palmer did request a trade and reiterated that they "are not trading" him.

So yet another possibility is likely unavailable.

The Cardinals have publicly stated that they intend on being aggressive in remedying the quarterback situation. So now it seems that their choices are, realistically, Philadelphia Eagle Kevin Kolb and Denver Bronco Kyle Orton.

Yes, Donovan McNabb might end up being available, but I do not consider him a realistic option, even when he is friends with Larry Fitzgerald and lives here in Arizona. That would be because last year when he was openly being shopped the Cardinals did not even pick up the phone to inquire about him.

I know that Kolb is a polarizing figure here in the ROTB community and that Orton really doesn't excite anyone, but unless something new happens, it looks like we all need to prepare ourselves for one of these two guys, and based on what almost everyone in the media is saying, we should be getting ready for Kolb.