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A Trade Proposal For Kevin Kolb

Yes, I know. Kevin Kolb has a been a point of focus. I tried to keep coverage limited, but now it;s just what I have to do. I know that Kolb is polarizing. But with more and more signs pointing to the Cardinals making a move to acquire Kevin Kolb from the Philadelphia Eagles, it is worth looking at possibilities. 

Mike Jurecki from XTRA Sports 910 offered up his thoughts as to what would be a reasonable trade proposal for Kolb in a chat on Tuesday. 

Jurecki came up with this -- trade 2012 first round pick and either Tim Hightower or Greg Toler for Kolb and Philly's 2012 fifth round pick. His thought is that it will take at least a first rounder to get him, mainly because of other teams. He noted that the Cleveland Browns have two first round picks in the 2012 Draft, so they could easily use one as trade bait. However, the Browns specifically are reportedly not interested in Kolb anymore.

I do not like trading away Toler, even with the drafting of Patrick Peterson. Hightower I am okay with parting with, but I would prefer not to. I also do like getting back a pick from Philly, even if it is a late rounder. The fifth round has been kind to Ken Whisenhunt. 

Here is my proposal:

Since the Matt Schaub trade looks very similar to the Kolb situation, I start using that as a framework.

In exchange for Kolb, I go with conditions. Kolb comes to Arizona, the Cardinals swap first round picks in 2012 if the Cardinals' selection is higher, Philly gets the Cards' 2012 and 2013 second round selections. 

If the Cardinals end up picking lower than Philadelphia in 2012, then Philly gets the Cards' first rounder in 2012 and the same second rounder in 2013. The Cards would then retain their 2012 second round selection. 

Now, in full disclosure, I am a Kolb fan and believe in his potential to be the Cards' guy for years to come. I understand that there are many of you who don't want him at all. 

What do you all think? I think it compensates Philadelphia well for a potential franchise QB, but it also keeps Arizona in the first round if they do not have as good a season as they hope to.