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5-26-11: Bird Droppings - More Kolb News

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Today, we get more links about Kevin Kolb because there isn't really much else involving the Cardinals in the news. Today, it is a balanced look from people who think he will be great vs people who think he is a bad fit for our offense.

Cardinals News:

'The Professor' educates Cards fans on Kolb -
Over the last few weeks it seems like there have been a million Kevin Kolb rumors involving the Arizona Cardinals (alright, maybe not a million, but a lot). Most of them provided little to no new information and even less reasoning on why the move would work. On Wednesday ‘The Professor', ESPN NFL analyst John Clayton, provided an entire thousand word lesson on why Kolb to Arizona is the right fit. The main reason being, he's better than anything they had last year.

Chat wrap: Wait, a question about Nnamdi? - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Shane (Los Angeles, CA) asks whether I think Arizona has more talent than any other team searching for a quarterback. He sees question marks on the offensive line and at linebacker, but overall, he sees Pro Bowl-caliber talent at running back (potentially), receiver, defensive line, the secondary and on special teams.

Kolb's numbers may not fit Cardinals - Stats & Info Blog - ESPN
The Arizona Cardinals came away from the 2011 NFL draft with eight prospects, but none who plays quarterback. Arizona finished 2010 with just 10 touchdown passes, second-fewest in the NFL, among three different starting quarterbacks. Many were left wondering: in a draft which saw six quarterbacks taken among the first 36 picks, why didn't the Cardinals take one? Earlier today, John Clayton wrote that the Cardinals may have other ideas and will likely end up "moving boldly" to acquire Kevin Kolb from the Philadelphia Eagles. What the Cardinals and other quarterback needy teams have to ponder is this: Is Kolb worth the bold move?

Poll: Reasonable price for Kevin Kolb - NFC West Blog - ESPN
ESPN's John Clayton makes the case for the Arizona Cardinals acquiring Kevin Kolb while admitting the Philadelphia Eagles backup is no sure bet. As Clayton notes, the Cardinals wouldn't need Kolb to become a top-flight quarterback to make the trade work. They would simply need him to be much better than the quarterback play they received from Derek Anderson, Max Hall and John Skelton last season. Even decent play from the position last season would have put the Cardinals over the top within the division, in my view.

Early returns favor splurging for Kevin Kolb - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Ninety percent of the first 3,200 respondents to the Kevin Kolb poll posted Wednesday afternoon said the Arizona Cardinals or Seattle Seahawks should invest heavily in the Philadelphia Eagles backup quarterback. That is higher than I would have anticipated based on the anti-Kolb feedback I've heard regularly from those skeptical of his abilities.

The Arizona Cardinals should be on the HBO series 'Hard Knocks' -
It was reported last week the Tampa Bay Bucs turned down the opportunity to appear on the popular HBO series "Hard Knocks." The Detroit Lions, New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons have also already said thanks, but no thanks. It got me thinking … why not the Arizona Cardinals?

Kevin Kolb breaks silence, talks trade -
Everyone has provided an opinion when it comes to the Arizona Cardinals and Kevin Kolb. Well, almost everyone. On Thursday the most important factor in those rumors, Kolb himself, spoke to the media for the first time since he and the Eagles were eliminated from the playoffs. He was back on the east coast to take part in informal workouts with some of his teammates. The Philadelphia Daily News was there and talked to the 27-year-old quarterback about his future and how he's dealing with his rumored relocation.

Arizona Sports News:

Chris Young, Ian Kennedy lift Arizona Diamondbacks over Colorado Rockies
The heroes were many for the Arizona Diamondbacks on Wednesday night, just as they have been for most of the past two weeks. There was Chris Young's catch, Ryan Roberts' slide, Gerardo Parra's throw, Ian Kennedy's night - put it all together and the Diamondbacks had another win. Put all the wins together and the National League West has a new second-place team.

5 years time has made big difference for Valley teams
Everybody needs a game plan, from parents to students to sports franchises. Five years ago, optimism was high among Valley teams. The Suns were sniffing the NBA Finals and the Cardinals were giddy about the performance of their new quarterback at rookie camp. What a difference a half-decade makes. Here is a look at what was happening on May 26, 2006, and how well the teams planned for the future:

NFL News:

NFL coaches file brief with 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in support of ending lockout - ESPN
NFL coaches are teaming up with the players in their legal fight to end the owner-imposed lockout. news: Super Bowl-winning QBs top list of game’s best signal-callers
There has been a lot of discussion about the quarterbacks who made the Top 100 Players of 2011 and those who were left off. Lists are great for debate. With that in mind, I prefer to group players in segments of five with little debate about one player being better than the next in his particular group. Here are the quarterback groupings in alphabetical order.

Quarterly report: Clemons, Hall produce - NFC West Blog - ESPN
About those quarter-by-quarter sack numbers discussed here earlier:

The forgotten QB: why teams should consider Leinart | National Football Post
NFL teams desperately need quarterbacks. This dire state was demonstrated during the 2011 NFL Draft. Despite an average crop, four quarterbacks were taken in the first 12 picks. But one prominent quarterback — Matt Leinart — has been conspicuously absent from the offseason rumor mill.

Draft Analysis: NFC West | National Football Post
Going into the draft, many of the draftniks felt San Francisco and Arizona would draft quarterbacks with their first-round picks. They instead did the right thing and didn’t overdraft one of the quarterbacks and took players that have a chance to start and be solid players right from the get go. Here is a look at how the NFC West drafted.

Jason Snelling: "Why aren’t we meeting every day?" | ProFootballTalk
Jason Snelling has heard from from an NFLPA* representative since voicing some of his frustrations over the lack of labor negoiations this week on Sirius XM. He appreciated the call, but doesn’t think we’re any closer to a new CBA than we were in March.