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Tweet, Tweet: The Best Of The Arizona Cardinals On Twitter (5/29)

It is Memorial Day weekend and I am writing from San Diego, as we are celebrating the weekend and ending of the school year withe a Sea World trip. But it is time again to scour Twitter for what the Arizona Cardinals players are saying. Last week, we had a new community choice. Cornerback A.J. Jefferson had the tweet of the week, with a really random communication. Here it is once again:

I took a sh*t today. It didn't stink, more like freshly baked cinnamon rolls. Must be my lucky day. Lmao

Hit the jump to read the best of the last week.

Newly drafted linebacker Sam Acho (@theSamAcho) comments on the Arizona heat:

Arizona weather is a lot like gas prices... it just keeps on going up

Receiver Stephen Williams (#stevewill_14) expressing frustration about the labor situation:

I'm bored with these other sports, I need some real excitement #football

Steve Breaston (@sbreaston15) responds to LaRod Stephens-Howling (@LS_H36) wondering why it takes so long to get home in traffic:

Because you are tweeting not driving RT @LS_H36: Y is traffic stopped in the middle of the highway comin from Pittsburgh airport right now?

Kicker Jay Feely, explaining his thought the elimination of the Chicago Bulls from the NBA playoffs:

Chicago deserved to lose that game based on the simple fact that their halftime entertainment was a girl doing the hula hoop!!

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