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2011 NFL Mock Draft Grades: ROTB Community And Writers Project Draft Poorly

If you recall, we here at ROTB ran our own mock draft, trying to project the 2011 NFL Draft. The writers and community members both simultaneously made their projections. No trades were allowed, so it was simply the picks and the teams. How did we do? The results were not terribly good. But then again, most mock drafts are rarely really accurate. In fact the top prognosticators were ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper and NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock. How many did they project correctly? Nine.

On to our results.

If we are to compare the writers and the community, it was a tie. Both the writers and community members correctly projected only three selections in the correct slots, regardless of teams.

Both groups nailed the Cincinnati Bengals selection of A.J. Green at number four overall.

The writers correctly picked J.J. Watts to the Houston Texans at number 11 and Cameron Jordan at number 24 to the Saints.

The community members were right on with the selection of Ryan Kerrigan at 16, although it was the Redskins who traded down to make the pick. You all also were correct with the selection of Phil Taylor by the Chiefs.

If we look at the overall picture of the first round, of the 32 players that the writers and community projected, there again was a tie. 26 of the players chosen in both mock drafts were taken in the first round of the real draft.

The biggest misses? Both mocks had Da'Quan Bowers in the top six picks. the community had Ryan Mallett being selected by the Dolphins at 15.

Whatever are the day jobs we all have, it appears that we should keep them and not attempt to foray into professional draft prognosticating.