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NFL Lockout News: Players Reportedly Ready To Wait Things Out

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After a positive response to Kurt Warner's belief that the players are going to have to cave in, I am back to delivering news that is quite negative in perception. This time it is Chester Pitts, offensive lineman for the Seattle Seahawks and also player representative, who shares his thoughts on the current labor strife that has led to a lockout. 

Pitts' comments are not to be viewed by fans as what you want to hear.

Pitts told Mike Freeman from that most of the players "are in this for the long run," meaning that there is no solution coming right away and that a lost season may be part of what has to happen. 

Since it is the hope of every fan of the NFL I have come across that football games not be lost, this has got to be very discouraging. The terrible thing is the fact that maybe many would feel a little more sympathy for the players were they not being paid millions of dollars in a time where people are still losing their jobs. The NFL was and is viable and NFL players have seen salaries increase at insanely large rates in recent years. 

Now, speaking to the assertion that players are willing to go as far as this needs to, I personally doubt that this is true. The most wealthy of the players won't care because they have put money away. I would that the majority of the players are actually very worried about how the lockout is seemingly at the mercy of the courts instead of face-to-face negotiation. 

Maybe Pitts is right. I hope not. We all need the players to cave at some point because, as we know, owners won't. Otherwise they would not have locked out the players in the first place. Luckily, the June 3 court hearings are just around the corner. That means, at the very least, we will have a little bit of news, even if it means taht we have to wait another month to know what things mean to fans like us.