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Jim Tressel Resigns From Ohio State: Reactions From Arizona Cardinals

So while I was packing up and then driving home from a weekend getaway, apparently there was a big story that broke and Ohio State University head coach Jim Tressel resigned amidst an NCAA investigation of inappropriate benefits to his Buckeye players, namely many players over the course of several years trading their OSU gear and memorabilia for tattoos, a specific rule that college athletes cannot break. 

As for how this is connected to the Arizona Cardinals, there is one prominent player on he team who played under Tressel as a Buckeye -- Beanie Wills. There are also several players (Steve Breaston, Jay Feely, Gabe Watson and Alan Branch)  who attended rival Michigan. The resignation prompted dome reactions on Twitter. 

The reaction from Wells is that of a guy who loves Tressel, and understandably so. He said this via his Twitter page:

I don't understand how some can knowingly do something against the grain and then when it doesn't go their way they get to snitching! Do they not understand that only society will suffer more not having a Jim Tressel around? He's more than a coach to alot of guys!

Alot of the players that came thru OSU are like myself and don't come from the ideal situation and when u have a guy like tress that steps in as a father, mentor, friend and teacher! It only helps the maturation process from a boy to man! And that alone is worth more than winning any football games! 

It's not his fault at all that he had a few go stray out of hundreds!!! U check the success rate of the people that have been around him!!!! And for those of u who say he lied!! U mean to tell me u wouldn't protect ur child by any means???? If Not! Some parent u r!!!

I know one thing and that is he was a great man more than coach that taught alot of u's about life and it's lessons! This will just be another obstacle he will over come and add on to his testimony!

Michigan alum Steve Breaston referred to the "flight of shame" Tressel would be taking, but took a lighter approach, saying that (as he had taken a five-game unpaid suspension already), noting via Twitter, "I mean (he) wouldn't be getting paid right now anyway."

Jay Feely, who never seems to be short on comments on Twitter was more reserved and simply retweeted some OSU reactions. 

As great a guy as Tressel must have been, if there is evidence that he in fact was hiding things that his players were doing, then he should be punished. However, he is a great coach and we should also look at the former players and who all was changed because of him. 

College football is not better off, but it was the right thing for Tressel to do, considering the options.

It's too bad that people we admire have to go through things like what Tressel is doing.