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Poll Of The Day: Would You Like To See The Arizona Cardinals On 'Hard Knocks'?

So far, HBO has been striking out with teams in trying to find one to spotlight in the show "Hard Knocks" and have a camera crew filming everything that goes on during NFL training camps. Several teams have already turned down the opportunity to be featured, perhaps after the heat that teams, players and coaches take for the things that come up (Antonio Cromartie and his kids' names or Rex Ryan and his profanities).

Pro Football Talk believes that one of the elite teams in the league needs to step up. A local writer would like to see the Cardinals take the opportunity to be featured. The question now for you is whether you think the Cardinals should volunteer for the opportunity to get some national recognition and be shown on the popular HBO show.

Obviously, the Cardinals do not qualify as one of the NFL's elite. Yes, they were in the Super Bowl recently and yes they have two of the league's best players in Larry Fitzgerald and Darnell Dockett, but by and by, nationally, the Cards are still mostly known as a bad franchise that had a lucky run in 2008.

Do I think the Cardinals would be fin to watch on that show? Honestly, I've never watched it. I can only think that this would be a positive thing, giving the Cardinals name recognition. Dockett is a funny guy and would be entertaining to see. They might catch Steve Breaston on a filmmaking mission. It would give us all an inside look at how practices are run.

Do I think the Cards would ever do the show? No. Ken Whisenhunt does not seem the type. Neither do the Bidwills.

You can, though, give us all your two cents. Vote and comment away!