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NFL's Most Injury Prone Players: No Arizona Cardinals On This List

In an offseason of littles due to the NFL lockout, it can be slim pickings to give you all the content you want and need about the Cardinals. Thankfully, the Internet has an infinite source of information. I ran across a piece done by as the site ranks the ten most injury prone players in the league. I was interested in seeing if any of the Cardinals made the list. 

In looking through it, I was not surprised by some of the players and pleased to find that there was not a single member of the Arizona Cardinals that made the list.

I thought perhaps that Beanie Wells might be on that list, based on the reputation he had coming out of the draft and because of his injury-plagued 2010 season. 

Early Doucet would have been, though, my first choice. He has been an injury waiting to happen since being drafted. However, he probably has not played enough or is not recognized enough to even be considered. 

So who was on the list? There were quarterbacks Tom Brady, Matthew Stafford, Matt Schaub and Donovan Mcnabb. McNabb was a surprise. So was Brady. 

One former Cardinal not on the list also surprised me a bit. Anquan Boldin missed a fair share of games, but not because of lack of toughness. The list was not ranking the players that were the least tough. Maybe that was considered. Q has been nicked up almost every season. 

Had Matt Leinart stuck around for 2010, he may have made the list, considering he had his season ended twice by injuries. 

Did I miss anyone else that might have been a good possibility? What about other players in the league? Whom would you add and whom would you remove from the list?