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Adam Schefter Says Kevin Kolb Will Be An Arizona Cardinal

Maybe it is overkill, but Kevin Kolb's name is now coming up almost on a daily basis in connection to the Arizona Cardinals. Tuesday it was the case again. It appears that the chatter about a possible deal being in place while the lockout was lifted might actually have been true. 

Cards GM Rod Graves has already said that the team is willing to part with a future high draft pick. Reports said that the Cardinals had a deal to get Kolb for their 2012 first rounder. Now, Adam Schefter is adding his knowledge to the information out there.

It might be one of these "duh" things, but he was on ESPN's NFL Live and said this:

I think that when the lockout is lifted, there's no doubt that the Philadelphia Eagles are going to trade Kevin Kolb. I think at this point in time, it's fairly certain that he's going to wind up in the NFC West. Right now, all signs point to Kevin Kolb somehow finding his way to Arizona, which would make Larry Fitzgerald very happy, which would make the Cardinals an instant contender in the NFC West, and it would make them the team that they were a couple of years ago when Kurt Warner was playing quarterback, rather than last year when they had the quarterback carousel.

"Kevin Kolb is going to get dealt from Philadelphia, most likely going to be to the NFC West, and right now all signs point to Arizona."

The Seattle Seahawks are supposedly in the mix, and this is good for Philly, but might not be good for Arizona. It could cause a bidding war. Already there are differing trade rumors -- one with just a pick, others saying it is a pick and a player. 

If the lockout is lifted here in the next day or so, we will find out soon enough whether or not it is true. If not, we will have to see  this dragged out for another couple of months.