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Kurt Warner Says Carson Palmer Is Best Fit For Arizona Cardinals

Kurt Warner should know what it takes to be the quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals, so I guess it makes sense that people ask him about the Cardinals' quarterback situation. Now an analyst for NFL Network, he was found on the Dan Patrick Show to talk about quarterback stuff --  specifically about Cam Newton and about the Cardinals.

When discussing the Cardinals situation, he changed his tune just a little bit from what he has said before locally. He seems to think that Cincinnati Bengal quarterback Carson Palmer is the guy that would work out the best for Arizona. When on the radio locally, he talked more about former teammate Marc Bulger as a good fit for the Cardinals and did mention Palmer.

Here is what he said about Bulger before:

"The thing I always look at putting guys in certain systems is, how does it fit what they have done in their career and how does it fit their skill set? If the Cardinals want to do what we did when I was there, I think Marc fits the bill extremely well. He is a very accurate passer down the field, he can read defenses, he understands the system they play there and can do those things very well."

And about Palmer in the same interview (it is notable that he brought up Palmer unsoliciited):

"I think a guy like Carson Palmer would be tremendous in that kind of system."

 On Dan Patricks' show, he said plainly, "I would take Carson," adding that he would fit the Cardinals offense perfectly.

I'd have to agree on some level. Bulger has not performed at a high level for four years and is older than Palmer. Palmer, though, is due a buttload of money and would have to be traded for.

Warner did state that right now Kevin Kolb is the favorite to be the 2011 starter for the Cardinals. Whether or not this was his saying something because of what is out in the media or because he has had talks with and knows the feelings of the decision makes in the Cardinals' organization has yet to be determined.

Obviously we all want the situation taken care of and addressed sooner rather than later, but there is nothing we can control with that.

If any of these guys (Palmer, Bulger, Kolb) are manning the Cardinals offense this fall, we would have to think that the offseason is at least a minor success and that with that one move the team would be markedly improved.