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5-4-11: Bird Droppings - More Quarterback News

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Now the the Draft is over, most of the links that are coming out are stuff on who the Cardinals next Quarterback will be. Which is why a picture of Carson Palmer making his grrrrr face is the picture for today, and because Kurt Warner thinks he is a good fit here.

Time for some links.

Cardinals News

Schefter: 'All signs point to Arizona' for Kolb -
It appears the Kevin Kolb rumors are for the birds. OK, bad joke (or lead) notwithstanding, each new report seems to indicate the Eagles backup QB will not only be traded, but traded to the team that plays its home games in University of Phoenix Stadium. ESPN NFL reporter Adam Schefter, on NFL Live, said the race appears to be down to the Cards and Seattle Seahawks.

Warner on Kevin Kolb: 'Guy you could build around' -
Kurt Warner is aware of what Kevin Kolb can do. "You see the athleticism, you see the big arm, you see the ability to make big plays, which he's done," the former Cardinals QB told Sports 620 KTAR's Gambo and Ash Tuesday. "But you've also seen, at times, maybe a lack of vision, being able to see the whole field and make all the decisions that need to be made. "But you've got to remember, this guy's only been in the league a couple of years and only played a few games." And therein lies the rub when it comes to the Cardinals' - - or any team's -- pursuit of the 26-year-old Eagles backup: he just hasn't played enough to know just how good he is or will be.

What's Left To Do
After draft, Cards await offseason to further adjust the roster

Peterson and defensive rookie award - NFC West Blog - ESPN
The Arizona Cardinals' Patrick Peterson seems like a logical early candidate to challenge for NFL defensive rookie of the year. One thing to consider, however: No defensive back has won the award since Charles Woodson in 1998. Nine linebackers and three defensive linemen have won the award since Woodson won it. Since then, NFL teams have drafted 43 defensive linemen and linebackers -- but only 19 defensive backs -- among the top 10 overall choices.

7 lessons we learned from 2011 NFL draft
The NFL has no manners and little conscience. The league rips off fans with preseason football. It sells Super Bowl tickets for seats that don't exist. It requests your renewal money now, even though season-ticket holders might be paying to watch scab labor in a few months. And after whipping America into a three-day football frenzy with a glitzy draft production, the NFL is back to extorting its players, fighting for the right to lock out the smiling collegians they just welcomed into the league. Along the way, we learned seven very important things from the 2011 NFL draft:

Would Carson Palmer be a good fit for the Cardinals? -
Now that the NFL Draft is over for the Arizona Cardinals, much of the talk and speculation will go back to who will be the starting quarterback for the team next season. Former Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner fueled the fire when he said on the Dan Patrick show that he would take Carson Palmer if he could have his choice of any available quarterback for the Cardinals. On the Sports 620 KTAR's Gambo and Ash show on Tuesday, the debate continued whether Palmer would be the best choice to clear up the Cardinals muddled quarterback position.

Lions offered Cardinals three picks to get Peterson -
The Detroit Lions coveted LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson. So much so that they offered the Arizona Cardinals a large portion of their draft to move up and select him.

Cardinals' 2011 NFL draft grades -
It happens every year. The NFL draft takes place. Experts give grades. If the NFL team likes the grades, they promote their good grades through their media relations arm. If they don't, they rip the grades saying it takes 3 years to evaluate a draft. If the player fails, the team says the draft is a crap shoot.

Cardinals G.M. on quarterback situation: "We are going to be aggressive" | ProFootballTalk
The post-draft comments from the Cardinals on their quarterback situation won’t quiet any of the Kevin Kolb-to-Arizona speculation running rampant these days.

Reid: Whoever gets Kolb will compete for championship -
While analyst, experts and insiders can speculate all they want about whether or not Kevin Kolb will be a member of the Arizona Cardinals next season, only one man will get to determine whether it happens or not. That man is Philadelphia Eagles head coach and general manager Andy Reid. Reid joined The Herd with Colin Cowherd on ESPN Radio Wednesday morning and addressed the Kolb situation.

Voting on the best safety in the NFC West - NFC West Blog - ESPN
The NFC West finds itself in transition at safety as considers the best players in the game at the position.

Reading the tea leaves on Matt Hasselbeck - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Matt Hasselbeck became a trending topic during the 2011 NFL draft without saying a word. The longtime Seattle Seahawks quarterback continues to keep a low profile. He hasn't granted interviews since speaking with his hometown newspaper a couple weeks before the draft. The things he said then -- that he wants to return to the team and he understands why there was no deal before the lockout -- were the opposite of inflammatory.

About the 10 best safeties in the NFL - NFC West Blog - ESPN
The first few choices were easy. Troy Polamalu was a unanimous pick for the No. 1 spot. Ed Reed was a unanimous choice at No. 2. Most of the other players listed should carry asterisks, disclaimers, qualifiers, etc. Filling out the final five or six spots proved nearly impossible for me. I kept ruling out players for various reasons, only to come back to them when better candidates failed to materialize.

NFL Videos: Cardinals plans at QB
The Arizona Cardinals didn't address their need at QB in the draft. Is Marc Bulger the guy? The 'Path to the Draft' crew has the answer.

Schefter: "All signs point" to Kolb joining Cardinals | ProFootballTalk
Since the draft ended, we’ve been banging the drum that the Cardinals and Seahawks are the most likely suitors for Kevin Kolb once the lockout ends. ESPN’s Adam Schefter believes Arizona is the favorite.

Draft impact should diminish for NFC West - NFC West Blog - ESPN
NFC West teams held more 2011 NFL draft choices than teams from all but one other division. Upon closer inspection, however, a disproportionate number of those selections fell in the later rounds. NFC West teams' early selections this year should have far less impact than their early selections last year.

Big Red Rage - Post Draft Edition
GM Rod Graves and OC Mike Miller join Paul Calvisi, Ron Wolfley, and Dave Pasch for a post draft edition of the Big Red Rage!

Arizona Sports News

Arizona Diamondbacks defeat Colorado Rockies to open series
Justin Upton was not in a walking mood. He felt more like trotting. He slapped a 3-0 pitch into the right-field stands leading off the eighth inning to give the Diamondbacks a 4-3 victory over the Rockies in front of 18,887 on Tuesday night at Chase Field.

Pac-10 Conference starting TV network
Larry Scott has spent his nearly two years as Pac-10 commissioner bolstering the conference's brand by expanding its reach. The former professional tennis player unfurled his latest and greatest ground stroke on Wednesday, announcing the launch of the conference's own television network and a joint 12-year deal with ESPN and Fox that's the richest in college sports at a hefty $3 billion.

NFL News

NFL: QB youth movements could lead to more running in 2011 - ESPN
With many teams getting younger at QB, running games could enjoy a renaissance in 2011, writes John Clayton in his latest mailbag.