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2011 NFL Draft Grades: Dave Razzano Gives Cardinals High Marks

Dave Razzano was a former employee of the Cardinals, having worked in the Cardinals' scouting department some time ago. He now is known as the "Rogue Scout" and has been very open about his opinion, namely with draft prospects like Von Miller (who he believes will be a bust) and Jake Locker (who he believes is a clone of Brett Favre. He has graded all the teams in the NFL looking at the draft classes the had. 

The Cardinals were graded highly by Razzano. See what he gives them after the jump.

Razzano gave the Cardinals an A on their draft. Here is what he said:

The Cards got the best DB in the draft in Pat Peterson as well as the best RB in 2nd round pick Ryan Williams. TE Rob Housler gives the team a speedster at TE. I thought DE Sam Acho was a fourth round steal as one of the better pure pass rushers in the draft. LB Quan Sturdivant was an excellent value pick in the 6th round.

Out of the Cardinals eight draft selections, Razzano considers five of them to be some level of a steal. Many of us agree with his assessment of the picks. We all have raved about Peterson. We are confused a little, but Ryan Williams easily could be a steal. We like Acho and many think that Sturdivant was a great selection. 

I like how Razzano does not appear to hold a grudge against the franchise in his work, considering the fact that he was let go by the Cardinals when he worked in scouting then. 

His eleven A grades are a little suspect. Unless this draft was really a stockpile of great NFL talent, I can't see rating that many teams with that high a grade. 11 is more than one third of the league. 

I did like the Cardinals' draft and I gave it a B. But an A? I'm not so sure when the team did little address their most glaring needs on the team with the draft. 

Do you agree with Razzano?