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Darnell Dockett One Of 10 Most Influential Athletes On Twitter

Arizona Cardinals fans know Darnell Dockett for a lot of things. He is a defensive leader, a guy who wreaks havoc on opposing offenses. He is the guy that worries opposing teams most when planning for the Cardinals. He is vocal on and off the field, he sometimes borders on dirty on it, and he is a rich man again after his contract extension. He is also a tireless worker. 

We also know he is an entertaining follow on Twitter (@ddockett). He has been funny (like when he applied for work at Victoria's Secret), he has been controversial (his staged Twitter feud with Vernon Davis, his comment about a mall shooter that got him criticized for saying things that could be viewed as racist) and lately he has been more pensive as he has reflected on the path that many of his family and friends have gone down, leading to incarceration. 

He recently was recognized for his Twitter life. He was named one of the top 10 most influential athletes on Twitter. The list was put together by, who sponsors athletes' tweets that drive their followers to specified content. 

Dockett was ninth on the list, meaning he is one of the better people of 'selling' stuff via Twitter. 

I'll admit that I thought that this recognition was worth something. It turned out to be not much. Granted, I use Twitter myself to "sell" my ROTB content (aka get people to read it). 

Maybe I missed where he was trying to drive eyes to other sites. I've never noticed that. I follow him on my Cardinals list because I put all the Cardinals on the list. 

So congratulations, I guess, to Darnell for his recognition. It means money for him, but not much for us, other than the fact that he a Cardinal being recognized.