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Virginia Tech Coach Frank Beamer Talks About Ryan Williams On Phoenix Radio

When the Arizona Cardinals selected Virginia Tech running back Ryan Williams with their second round pick (38th overall), it was considered a head scratcher of a pick, as running back was not considered a major need. Even after people have had a chance to think about it, the selection still is polarizing. Some feel he will be a great, dynamic addition to the Cardinals running game while others think he will only add to the running woes, citing we already have a back with a history of getting hurt and another that has a fumbling problem.

To discuss the potential of Ryan Williams and give the Phoenix area an internal scouting report, Williams' college coach, Frank Beamer was on XTRA 910 and spoke about him and what he could bring to the Arizona Cardinals during the 2011 season. 

We know that it was the 2009 game film that jumped out at the Cardinals front office, and know why, based on Coach Beamer. He said, referring to 2009, when Williams was healthy, "I don't think I've been around a better back."

When asked to describe Williams as a runner, he explained, "Ryan will run through you or run around you," and, addressing the possible concerns of ball control, "fumbling is not an issue".

He did also mention three things that were key for his success. They are his health, getting carries and getting a rhythm. Oddly enough, the two latter things were mentioned by both Beanie Wells and Tim Hightower last season as things they needed to find more success. 

One concern for Cardinals fans for Williams is just that. He was not the same player last season when he was sharing carries with two other players. He will likely be doing that here in Arizona unless a move is made to change the roster makeup of running backs. Unless he can set himself apart by a lot, he is going to have to learn to share the workload.