Time To Grade The AZ Cardinals 2007 Draft

They say that you can not grade a draft untill 2 to 3 years down the road. Well its time.

The 2007 draft is the first of Coach Whiz's with the Arizona Cardinals, and in my opinion his worst. We had a whopping five picks in that draft, and we really only got use out of one of them and mediocrity from one other. So what I'm going to do first is give you our picks in what rounds they went. Then I will give a brief description of what they have done so far and then my grade. The grade is based on value of the pick over production. Ya dig?

1st round 5th pick (5): Levi Brown T Penn State

2nd round 1st pick (33): Alan Branch NT Michagan

3rd round 5th pick (69): Buster Davis ILB Florida State

5th round 5th pick (142): Steve (Boobs) Breaston WR Mischagan

7th round 5th pick (215) Ben Patrick TE Delaware

So there where are selections we only had 5 because we traded up in the second round 4 spots and gave our 4th and 6th round pics plus swapped the 2nd pick.

Levi Brown at the time was not considered a reach as he was considered a top ten talent at the time and we just lost Lenard Davis to the Cowboys. He has been a serviceable RT and LT even being a Pro Bowl alternate in 09. He has played in 61 games sarting 59 of those . GRADE C

Alan Branch started the year out on Mel Kiper JR top 25 but the fell out ads the storys came in about his lack of effort to be great. a 1st rnd grade with issues dropped to the second round. For the most part the critics where right he has under achived untill recent where he has been a serviceable nt and de but due where he was drafted he gets a lower grade. GRADE D-

Buster Davis was considered to be a Zach themas a good instincts hard hitting undersized ILB what he did was get cut in the off season of his rookie year not much to say. GRADE F-

Steve Breaston considered to be a special teams guy and thats about it. so what has he done since becoming a cardinal he has appered in 47 games staring 22 of them he has140 receptions for 1810 yards including one 1000 yard season. GRADE A-.

Ben Patrick was our seventh rnd selection he was cut then signed to the practice squad eventually staring in 7 games that year and has not done to much but he did have the TD in the Super Bowl. and because he was a seventh rnd pick and has started i give him a GRADE OF C+.

My overall grade for the 2007 draft class is a D.

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