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Could David Garrard Be Another QB Candidate For The Arizona Cardinals?

A reader asked Mike Sando, ESPN's NFC West blogger a question via Twitter about the Cardinals' quarterback situation. He asks,  "Which is a better, Kolb for a 1 (1st round draft pick), Orton for a 3 (3rd round pick) or Mcnabb, Bulger or Garrard for nothing?" To be honest, it is the first time that I have even heard Garrard mentioned in any of the quarterback speculation. Sando's response was that Garrard would be the best option, basing things on performance and value.

David Garrard had a solid 2010 campaign, passing for 23 touchdowns against 15 interceptions. His passer rating was 90.8. He is 33 years old, but is clearly not washed up. Said Sando, "Cards win NFC West by 2-3 games last season if their QB had that rating."

Obviously, Garrard is another quarterback with obstacles in the way, more than just the lockout that impedes everything related to the NFL now. 

He still is under contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars. He has four years remaining on the seven year deal he signed in 2008. He is also the only QB under contract on the team. 

Now, the Jags did draft Blaine Gabbert in the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft and they will presumably want him to play at some point, but the present is still about Garrard. 

I just can't see the Jags just releasing him, even if he is due almost $8 million in 2011. Just as unlikely is a trade because the team will really want to have a good veteran for Gabbert to learn under. There aren't many better players to do that than Garrard, who has been a solid player and a great professional in his ten years on the NFL.

So could Garrard be a possible candidate for the Cardinals in their search for their 2011 starting quarterback?

Nope, not really.