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Wishing A Quick Recovery For Arizona Cardinal Michael Adams' Dad

We are going to take a brief break from quarterback talk, the lockout and even Jim Tressel. One of the Arizona Cardinals family has had a bit of a scare. Cornerback Michael Adams had a situation with his father in Dallas. Via his Twitter account, he revealed this:

At the hospital pray for my dad guys he crashed on his motorcycle he is in surgery now I'ma try and rest on these hard seats...Broken ankle, arm and scarred up...

Thanks to everyone for your prayers and response. He is in surgery right now praying he comes out fine and I'ma get some rest thanks twitfam...Out of surgery will have to be in the hospital longer maybe more surgeries soon. Shattered knee cap broken ankle in 2 places,broke arm!...Broken collar bone and some other stuff. But he lived so I'm thankful. Thank you guys for all your prayers.

We may have been critical of his play in coverage recently, but he is still part of the Arizona Cardinals family. On behalf of Revenge of the Birds, let us wish his father well and a quick recovery. 

If you wish to send Adams a quick note of concern and hope, his Twitter handle is @meezybaby27.