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NFL Lockout News: Season Ticket Sales Are Up Over Last Year For Entire League

  (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
(Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Here on Revenge of the Birds, we do not agree on quarterbacks, but we do agree on one thing. We all think that the NFL lockout stinks. It makes us upset, sad and frustrated. We are left with the possibility that there will be no football for the 2011 season, despite more than nine billion dollars to be made. However, despite this work stoppage and court cases, there is one anomaly to it all and it deals with us, the fans -- the NFL is ahead of last year's pace of season ticket sales. is reporting that the owners were advised of this in the owners' meetings in Indianapolis, however specific numbers and individual teams' numbers were not shared.

Why are sales up? There are a couple of theories. One is that we are all schmucks. When the league is showing the least concern for the fans, fans are still doling out their money. It kind of validates what the league is doing.

Another theory is this -- the fact that many teams started ticket sales and renewals early, in preparation for the lockout that ended up happening.

Not all teams are up, as the Miami Dolphins stated that they are down, but "in the same zip code" as last year. As for the Cardinals, I have to wonder.

Does this all have any significance? Maybe not, but it certainly is weird.