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Video(s) Of The Day: Quan Sturdivant Highlights

Time to move on to the next day of this series. I loved the debate over Sam Acho that you guys were having on the last one, so lets get some good talk about this guy too.

In this edition of Video of the Day, here are four different videos for you guys to look at, including games against Florida State, Rutgers and Tennessee (at the Music City Bowl from last season).

Right now, I'd think the Cardinals are hoping that he can do what Gerald Hayes did when he was healthy which was be a thumper that can stop the run, and allow Daryl Washington to play a similar role to Karlos Dansby as a guy with the speed to cover sideline to sideline and make tackles. Lets hope that he does work out well for the Cardinals.

LB Quan Sturdivant (via ProDraftParty)

Quan Sturdivant vs Tennessee (2010) (via UploadingAMV)

Quan Sturdivant vs Rutgers (2010) (via UploadingAMV)

Quan Sturdivant vs. Florida State ('09) (via AloAloysius)