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Perhaps No Training Camp In Flagstaff, But There Will Be A Fan Camp

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In an article on, Kent Somers discusses how Thursday would have been the end of OTAs and how training camp would be coming up. With the lockout, there is definite uncertainty when and even if training camp will happen, particularly in Flagstaff. I, for one, have been looking forward to camp in Flag for the first time with RotB because I wanted an excuse to get up there anyway, and the blog gives me a great excuse (and the perhaps possibility to write the trip off as a work expense).

The bummer, though, is the lockout once again. However, if training camp does not happen as normally scheduled, there may still be a good reason to take a weekend trip up to Flagstaff. 

I ran across a Twitter account that followed me (@senorjessroot) called @FanCamp2011. There is, in the works, a way for fans to celebrate football, eat good food, play cornhole and get out of the Phoenix heat for a bit. 

This actually is not a sponsored plug for it. I just felt that, as football fans, this is worth letting you know about. 

I don't know a ton of details yet, but it will happen in Flagstaff August 5-7. Follow the Twitter account to get more info. 

For me, it is the weekend after I report back to work, so I may not be able to swing attending, at least for the first day or two. It would be a great time to perhaps meet up with some of the community and put some faces to the avatars and usernames.