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Rumor Of NFL Lockout Ending Is Nothing More Than Rumor

We all are waiting for  the NFL lockout to be over, whatever the reason. Most of us don't care whether it is a new deal or a ruling from the courts that require it (although a new agreement would be in the best interests of everyone involved). There was a small Massachusetts newspaper that was had in the title that the lockout was almost over, but in the actual article stated that it was over and that the players and owners had reached an agreement in principle.

Aside from the few that may have possibly believed it, the rumor was killed by the NFL.

The spokesman for the NFLPA tweeted very clearly this:

"There's a report that the lockout is over. Umm . . . no."

Likewise the NFL spokesman, Greg Aiello, tweeted this as well:

"Joint NFL-NFLPA-Yogi Berra Statement: ‘It's not over till it's over.'"

The dream was just a dream. The lockout is still on. And so it continues. 

I can tell you for sure that when the lockout is actually over, you will see it in big, bold letters on the front page. Then we can party. Until then, don't go reading little Massachusetts papers for your news.