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6-10-11: Bird Droppings - Breaston On The Lockout, Flagstaff

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As this week winds down, today's links mainly regard Steve Breaston's excellent poem commentating on the Lockout, and the chance that there might not be training camp in Flagstaff this year.

Cardinals News:

A lockout commentary from Stevie Phantom - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Steve Breaston's versatile on-field talents tell only part of his story. The Arizona Cardinals' receiver has a passion for comic books and, apparently, a flair for poetry. I've transcribed Breaston's lockout-related commentary for those unable to access video, but the delivery is an important component of the message. Please do check it out when you can.

Breaston says lockout is all about greed -
Steve Breaston has a lot of free time on his hands thanks to the NFL lockout. While some players have taken to the Internet to openly admit they're looking at the work stoppage like kids look at summer, as an extended vacation, the Arizona Cardinals' wide receiver has turned to YouTube to let fans know he feels their pain.

Eagles' president talks Kolb trade -
Will the Philadelphia Eagles actually trade Kevin Kolb when the lockout is finally over? It's a question that has floated around the Internet for the past few weeks after former Philly wideout Freddie Mitchell told the backup quarterback he couldn't trust Andy Reid's word. On Thursday Eagles president Joe Banner, according to Philadelphia Sports Daily, addressed that question without really clearing anything up.

Is Carson Palmer to Arizona still possible? -
Thanks to the NFL lockout, the Arizona Cardinals have been unable to acquire a quarterback and begin to familiarize him with their offense. Instead, the Cardinals have had plenty of time to weigh their options and to provide media and fans with enough gossip and rumors to keep high school girls happy. Carson Palmer is a name that has faded as of late. Most of the attention has turned to either Kevin Kolb or Kyle Orton, but some feel Palmer is still a viable option. Mike Sando of wrote that if he were the Cardinals, he would try to acquire Palmer.

Word From the Birds Blog - The free agency effect
So I was looking over this article by Football Outsiders about the top 10 most disappointing NFL free agents of the past 25 years and it got me thinking about the Cardinals (although no, there are no Cards on the list). My first full free-agent offseason came in 2001, when the Cards — up against the salary cap — chose to sign Seattle guard Pete Kendall as their one big purchase, to team with center Mike Gruttadauria from the year before and first-rounder Leonard Davis to build the "Big Red Line." Kendall, as always, was blunt; when he came in for his press conference and was asked, why the Cardinals, he said, "Because they paid me the most money." That’s usually how it goes.

Cardinals' offensive line among league's bottom third -
Although often overlooked, the offensive line may be the most important part of a football team. Without strong offensive line play a team's offense is virtually ineffective. No matter how good a running back or quarterback may be, it is next to impossible to be effective on the ground, or through the air, if there is no one blocking. According to a report by, the Arizona Cardinals had the No. 21 ranked pass protection unit in the NFL last season.

Steve Breaston’s lockout lament | ProFootballTalk
Several of you have pointed out a video from Cardinals receiver Steve Breaston regarding the lockout. We’ve finally had a chance to watch it. Breaston’s message is authentic and heartfelt, and he demonstrates an interest in the fans not as sources of potential leverage in the labor dispute but as human beings who devote their ever-shrinking money and time to following football.

Arizona Cardinals hope to train in Flagstaff, eventually
This is the time of year when Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt usually says goodbye to his players. Instead, he's still waiting to say hello to many of them. If this had been a normal off-season, the Cardinals would have concluded off-season activities on Thursday and departed with instructions about reporting to training camp in Flagstaff in late July. But traditional training camp is in jeopardy because of the player lockout, and Whisenhunt has no idea "what the landscape is going to look like" when, or if, an agreement is reached between owners and players.

How poetry made Steve Breaston my favorite Cardinal -
It's very rare that something on YouTube can actually have a genuine affect on me. Sure, piano playing cats, treadmill running shrimp and double rainbow guy can elicit an annoyed response and two babies talking to each other or the boom goes the dynamite guy can make me chuckle, but they don't have a lasting impact. They're the LeBron James in the 4th quarter of the NBA Finals of the Internet world- inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. On Thursday, a YouTube video actually made me stop, take notice and change my perspective. In a brief one minute and forty-two seconds this video opened my eyes to an individual I overlooked more than the Academy overlooked Christian Bale's performance in The Dark Knight. blogs - Kent Somers - Steve Breaston understands fans' frustration
Receiver Steve Breaston has as much at stake in negotiations for a new CBA as any other player. He's not under contract, and with four years of service, his status is unknown. He could become an unrestricted free agent or remain restricted, depending upon whatever rules are in place for the 2011 season, provided there is one. But Breaston hasn't spent the off-season fretting about only his predicament. He has varied interests, including writing poetry. As alter-ego "Stevie Phantom," he posted this video, which makes it clear he understands what it's like to be a fan of the NFL these days.

NFL lockout could cause Flagstaff to miss out -
As the possibility that NFL football could become a thing of the past as the 2010-2011 season looms, the home of the Arizona Cardinals training camp is taking stock of the situation. One person doesn't like what he sees.

Chat wrap: Crabtree, Bradford, Hasselbeck - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Kalen from San Francisco wanted to know which quarterback fits best with the Arizona Cardinals from a list featuring Kevin Kolb, Donovan McNabb, Kyle Orton or Carson Palmer.

Steve Breaston’s lockout lament | ProFootballTalk
Several of you have pointed out a video from Cardinals receiver Steve Breaston regarding the lockout. We’ve finally had a chance to watch it. Breaston’s message is authentic and heartfelt, and he demonstrates an interest in the fans not as sources of potential leverage in the labor dispute but as human beings who devote their ever-shrinking money and time to following football.

Summer Live Chat
With Darren Urban on

Arizona Sports News:

Arizona Diamondbacks shut out Pittsburgh Pirates
Though he's known for his heavy hitting, it instead was Micah Owings' legs that got a rally going Thursday night, and you can count Diamondbacks center fielder Chris Young among those surprised at just how quickly Owings made it down the line in the eighth inning at PNC Park. "He was floating down the line," Young said, smiling. "He had a little adrenaline going." After Owings legged out an infield single, Young followed with a two-run blast, giving the Diamondbacks the only runs scored in a 2-0 victory against the Pittsburgh Pirates, a win that allowed them to avoid a three-game sweep.

NFL News:

LA stadium planner: Talks had with 5 NFL teams - ESPN Los Angeles
The head of the sports and entertainment company that wants to build an NFL stadium in downtown Los Angeles said he's been in talks with officials from five pro football teams about moving to the proposed venue.

Underrated players: NFC West - NFC West Blog - ESPN
A team-by-team look at the most underrated players in the division.

Survey says: Pulling together recent polls - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Sometimes it's fun to drop a poll into an item as a corollary to certain discussions. After a while, though, new items push those polls right off the page and out of our minds. I've gone back through nine recent polls and put together a chart showing the results. news: Kitna gets the nod as Mr. Reliable when it comes to backups
If your starting quarterback goes down, who can your team count on to save the day? We asked our experts to debate who the best No. 2 QB in the NFL is, keeping in mind that guys like Kevin Kolb, who could very well start somewhere next season, weren't considered. We're talking true backup QBs here.

Take a bow: Justin Smith, Bradley Fletcher - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Five NFC West-related notes after checking out Football Outsiders' stats for broken tackles allowed during the 2010 season:

Tennessee Titans WR Kenny Britt arrested again in New Jersey - ESPN
Tennessee Titans receiver Kenny Britt has been arrested again in New Jersey, a day after appearing in court on traffic charges.