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Video(s) Of The Day: Robert Housler Highlights

First, a quick note. there won't be anything for David Carter and DeMarco Sampson because there was hardly anything about them out there. There were some game highlights for UCLA and San Diego State along with some interviews with the guys, but that was it. As for this one, I was working on it earlier this week until I realized I was one player ahead of who I was supposed to be working on (the Ryan Williams video), but I have the Robert Housler video up now to conclude this feature before moving on to what this Video of the Day feature will really be.

So, for the final draft pick that I was able to find videos for (even though this video went up a couple days later than it should have been), here is a look at Rob Housler who will hopefully become the receiving option at Tight End that the Cardinals have not had for a while.

Draft Preview: Rob Housler (via foxsports)

Rob Housler vs Michigan St 2010 (via JMPasq)