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The Arizona Cardinals I Would Like To Meet, Part 1: Beanie Wells

While we continue with this NFL lockout madness and sit hostage waiting for the sport we all love to get off of its collective butts and get back to sanity, I came up with a series I would like to share with you that is simply a personal thing -- who are the Arizona Cardinals I would like to meet personally. It isn't about football stuff for the blog. It's just the guys that I find intriguing as people. 

In fact, I would like to encourage a bunch of FanPosts on the same subject. It doesn't matter the reason. Explain who you would like to hang around with. After all, the community and the site is so much better when there is active participation from the community members in commenting and posting. 

Here is my first of the series -- Beanie Wells.

Beanie, since his rookie year has been my favorite player. I am a Pac-10 guy through and through, but I was thoroughly stoked when he fell to the Cardinals. Once signed and he got on the field in the preseason his rookie year, he had me excited. 

I got my first Cardinals jersey this year for my birthday -- a Beanie jersey. And I will wear it proudly each gameday as I sit on my recliner in front of the the big screen and watch the Cards play this year. 

We know he has yet to be the player we hope he can become, but I am unabashedly a Beanie apologist on my illogical fan side (which I believe every person needs). I want them to feed him the ball over and over. When watching games, I usually text my buddy Nate when we are not hanging out at each other's house for games. Any solid run by Beanie gets a "BEANIE!!!!!" text. 

Off the field, he is kind of quiet it seems. On Twitter, he seems to tweet almost exclusively about his kid. As a father of four, I can sympathize with that. Despite the potential "star-quality" he has in the league, he seems really down to earth. 

The combination of the seemingly "normal" persona he portrays and the fact I've had a Beanie fever since he was drafted are why I'd like to meet and get to know him.


That's the first. I have five of these posts planned. I'd like to see what you all think and hopefully a FanPost or two (or 20) on the topic.