The Arizona Cardinals I Would Like To Meet, Part 1: (The QB taking us to a 10+/6- season next year, along with a NFC West banner)

Courtesy of Jess Root's article, which can be found here.

Who I would like to meet is simple. The unknown/unnamed QB for the Cards, that will bring home another NFC West banner.

Whoever this man is, one thing I'm certain of. He needs to have an 'S' on his chest with the current O-line situation. He will need presence in the pocket, and the feet to escape when that pockets turns inside out. He will need to be accurate when the D throws at in the box and brings the heat, as well as when the D bites on the play action and #11 is 1v1. He needs to make good calls with the ball, don't be the kryptonite of the Birds by turning it over. Lastly, he needs to inspire. To lead a group of stars on the offensive side every snap.

The man above is the first player I'd like to meet. The question is, who is this man?

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