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NFC West Roundup: Hasselbeck’s Landing Spot, Calling Out the Signal Caller and Rams on the Move

First off, I really encourage everyone to put up a FanPost regarding your favorite Cardinals player and why they are your favorite player. This is an interesting activity to get everyone's opinions as we drudge through this miserable offseason. Here is some news based on where players and perhaps even teams may land (although the team relocation wouldn't be for a while). Here is your NFC West Roundup. 


Peter King Says Matt Hasselbeck Could Be In Play For Minnesota - Daily Norseman

Our brother blog, the Daily Norseman, put together a post regarding Matt Hasselbeck and where he could sign once free agency starts. In this post, they have a picture of a Tweet from Sports Illustrated writer Peter King, which lays out four potential places he may go. First on King’s list, as Jess already pointed out, is right here in the desert. The other teams included Tennessee, Miami and Minnesota in that order. There is still a strong belief that Hasselbeck will stay in Seattle given that he already has a playbook and the Seahawks want him back. With so many teams needing a solid veteran quarterback, Hasselbeck’s services will be in demand to an extent and there is no doubt that he will get a decently lucrative contract.


Teams That May Gamble on Terrelle Pryor - Mocking The Draft

Mocking the Draft is the SB Nation website to go to if you want to learn more about draft prospects and rookie players that were just drafted. They recently created a post detailing three teams Terrelle Pryor could wind up with if he decides to enter the NFL Supplemental Draft. One of the teams is the Seattle Seahawks, who like the Arizona Cardinals, do not have a long term solution at the QB position. A guy like Pryor could make a lot of sense as either a third string signal caller or even a converted wide receiver for the Seahawks. Click on the link to see the other two teams mentioned, which are both very logical as well.


Do The 49ers Need A Veteran Wide Receiver To Pair With Michael Crabtree? - Niners Nation

By now you may or may not have heard about why San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree did not want to attend the player organized workouts. The workouts are being led by Alex Smith, the same quarterback that is not even under contract for next season. As to why he wasn’t showing up, Crabtree stated that he did not know who the starting quarterback was going to be this next season. Ouch. Apparently they have cleared the air since then, but that was a pretty harsh comment from Crabtree when it is common knowledge that Jim Harbaugh plans to let Smith be the starter. Anyhow, this post at Niners Nation also discusses whether or not the 49ers should possibly go after a veteran free agent wide out to compliment Crabtree. It takes into account how well Crabtree would work with a mentor and I recommend this link; great info all around.


David Carr Insists 49ers Quarterback Position Is Up For Grabs - SB Nation Bay Area

The only QB that the 49ers currently have under contract for next season is David Carr. It is widely known that Alex Smith will more than likely return and they should be able to forge a deal with rookie Colin Kaepernick. Carr, who did not do much to impress last season, claims that new head coach Jim Harbaugh has told him that he will get another shot. The former first overall pick has not done too great since entering the league, but with a new coach that seems to have a thing for working with quarterbacks, that could all change.


Stan Kroenke, the Rams and Los Angeles - NFC West Blog - ESPN

The city of Los Angeles is a large … No, a gigantic market, which the NFL may be looking to tap into within time. Five teams have been mentioned as possible candidates for relocation to the City of Angels. One of these teams is an NFC West division rival, the St. Louis Rams. The current lease that the Rams hold in St. Louis allows them to opt out and move wherever they want to after 2014. Apparently, the new stadium will be ready by 2016. The Rams can hold the city hostage if they don’t get exactly what they want, much like the Sacramento Kings are doing right now as they threaten to move to Anaheim. This is all a long way off and it is pure speculation as of now, but don’t be surprised if something like this comes into fruition a couple of years from now.


Rams players assemble for practices in Arizona

The St. Louis Rams players recently held some player organized workouts somewhere in the Phoenix area. The workouts are expected to go through tomorrow as the team does classroom work and on-field drills. Among those invited were offensive skill-positions players, linebackers and secondary players according to linebacker James Laurinaitis. The report from Bill Coats at STL Today details some of the Tweets that came out from those players as well.