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The Arizona Cardinal I Would Like to Meet: Steve Breaston

Jess recently created a story detailing why he would like to meet Arizona Cardinals running back Beanie Wells. Beanie seems like a very personable guy and someone that would be a blast to be around based on what I have seen and the Tweets from him that I've read. For me, if I am going to base who I want to meet on Twitter postings, off-field activities and on-field work ethic, it would easily be Stevie Phantom.

Steve Breaston has become a fan favorite ever since being selected in the fifth round in 2007. He played his college ball at Michigan (the same place as Jay Feely) and when he was drafted, he was told he would really never be much more than a special teams player. 


Breaston, or "Boobs" as many of us call him, quickly showed that he has what it takes to succeed at the NFL level as a punt returner and as a receiver. At the time, he was third on the depth chart behind Pro Bowlers Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald. When Boldin was traded to the Baltimore Ravens, Breaston became the #2 receiver and has had continued success, even with the lack of good quarterback play last season. 


Whether it is meeting his comic book writer heroes or creating poems, Steve is always doing things off the field that make him such a likable person. Breaston is always doing something interesting; he lives a lifestyle that seemingly has him always on the move. He also founded the Steve Breason Foundation, where he helps kids in Pennsylvania. You can read more about that here or hear him speak about it on this clip from ESPN First Take.


Steve's humility is probably what is most impressive about him. When asked how he would fill the shoes that Anquan Boldin left behind, he replied saying it would be very difficult, but that it would be a team effort to replace Q. He does not take full credit for his success and he never shies away from a challenge. 


When it comes to Stevie, that is one phantom we wish could be in the Cardinals locker room forever. There's nothing quite like watching a dynamic player of his caliber fly down the field making plays like this. To quote The Miracle Baby, "I'm Gone (Obi Voice)." 


That is why I would love to meet and get to know Steve Breaston.