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The Arizona Cardinals I Would Like To Meet, Part 2: Larry Fitzgerald

On Saturday, I started a small series of five Arizona Cardinals players I would like to meet and spend a little time with, for my own particular reasons. My first edition was about Beanie Wells. That prompted RedBirdRevival to share how he would like to meet Steve Breaston and cdeveau wrote one that was left TBD because he would that player to be the quarterback in 2011 that leads the team to another division championship. 

I still would like to invite you all to share your version. Let's get to know each other a little better as fans. Here is the second player I would really like to meet -- none other than the one and only Larry Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald's on the field performance speaks for itself. By the time his career ends, he will likely be known as the greatest Cardinals player ever. If he can achieve what he desires, we will remember him as the greatest player ever (something that a large group of people would say is Jerry Rice).

For me, it is how he carries himself off the field. He is dedicated to winning. He is well spoken. In a league of seemingly me-first receivers, he is a team-first guy.

His interest in learning and travelling fascinates me. His pride for education I find interesting, as i have a string background in education. Any time a man who has earned millions and millions of dollars feels the necessity to complete a college degree out of personal and family pride has my respect. 

I wonder the types of conversations he has about the things in the world. He obviously is not a one trick pony culturally. Yes, football is his craft and his passion, but it would be great to find out the other things he enjoys.

I know he is probably the most trite pick of all the Cards to want to meet, but he still makes my list. 

Again, I want to know more about you all. Please share your own FanPosts or series of FanPosts on this or any other Cardinals topic.