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The Arizona Cardinals I Would Like To Meet, Part 3: Sam Acho

I'm still hoping to see more FanPosts by everyone on the topic, but even still I continue with the third installment of the Cardinals I would most like to meet. I previously have mentioned Beanie Wells and Larry Fitzgerald. The next player that intrigues me technically is not even a member of the team because of the lockout. He cannot yet sign with the team even though he was selected in the 2011 NFL Draft. This player is the recently drafted linebacker out of Texas -- Sam Acho.

It was not long ago that I marveled at this kid

We know he is deeply religious. I am deeply religious. We do not share the same religion, but I imagine that the conversations could be deep and meaningful. 

We have learned he is bilingual. I teach Spanish. That sort of thing makes me smile. Add to that the fact that he reads literature in Spanish, and you have a guy that touches the nerd part of my heart. I personally just finished reading a book by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and am working on a series of short stories by Carlos Fuentes. In my upper level Spanish classes that have mostly Spanish speakers, we read a lot of short story literature in Spanish. I would like to see what Acho knows about that stuff.

Again, these things have nothing to do with football. Football stuff is a given and I could get that talking to any one of the players on the Cardinals. The players I most would like to meet are about things other than football because, well, as much as I love football, I don't share the athletic part of it in my life. I was never good enough to play.

I've got two more players I will feature in the next couple of days. In the meantime...where are those FanPosts? Get on the computer, think who the players you would most like to meet and type why. I know you can do it. Get on board! I would love to read your perspectives.