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Video Of The Day: 2008/09 NFC Championship Highlights

It is time to start off the way that I'm going to handle this weekly feature now that the draft pick highlights are done, and I'm going to start it off with a highlight video of what is probably the greatest moment in Cardinals history since they arrived in Arizona. The win over the Philadelphia Eagles and Donovan McNabb in the 2008/2009 NFC Championship Game.

This video was on You Tube a while ago, but unfortunately the people at the NFL had it deleted, or the guy who posted the video took it down himself. So, I'm going to have to use a link from with the horrible video player that they have. Also, it would be nice if SBN would let us import more than YouTube videos to this thing. I also have a copy of the video saved to my computer, and I uploaded it to the video uploader SBN has if you want to use that version instead.

2008 NFC Championship Video


Cardinals 2008 Season NFC Championship