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The Arizona Cardinals I Want To Meet, Part 4: Jay Feely

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Yes, I have been outed as a nerd after the reasoning for wanting to meet Sam Acho. But I'm cool with that. Even still, I would love to meet a few Arizona Cardinals. You have my reasoning for wanting to meet Beanie Wells, Larry Fitzgerald and Sam Acho. 

The fourth of the five edition of the players I would like to meet include this fourth player -- kicker Jay Feely.

Feely, as kickers go, is different. Much like his Arizona predecessor Neil Rackers, he wants to be known as an athlete -- not just a kicker. But it isn't his on the field abilities that intrigue me (as is the case for all the players on my "list"). Obviously, I admire each player for their ability to play a game at the highest level. (I even admire Derek Anderson because, as frustrating and entertaining his play and antics have been, he's a football player.)

When it comes to wanting to meet a player, it is because I like what that something else is and it is also because I feel that I have something in common with them.

In Feely's case, it is the intelligence about the world and politics that I like. Politics intrigue me, but I do not follow them enough to be that  into them. I share many of the politic views that Feely does. I would love to hear him out on topics of government (and obviously discuss a little football and sports in general).

It wouldn't so much be a debate I think as it would be a sharing of views. I find it incredibly refreshing to see a "celebrity" (yes, I believe that athletes in most cases are celebrities nowadays) have informed, insightful views. Feely has such views.

So, once again, because of things mostly unrelated to football, I am drawn to yet another player. 

Next up will be the final edition of the series. I still encourage you all to write similar posts so we can know more about each other and our fan views. It's what makes a community like this so great.