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My Thoughts On The Steve Breaston ESPN Interview

We all have probably seen the lockout poem, "A league deferred," written and presented on YouTube by our very own Steve Breaston, and you may have already read about or watched the interview he gave on ESPN First Take on Monday. He discussed such topics as the poem itself, the lockout, the Cardinals quarterback situation and Donovan McNabb.

Among the things that came up, nothing was surprising about the lockout talk. He (and all fans everywhere) are frustrated about everything with the business side of things. 

But what stuck out to me were a couple of things regarding the quarterback situation. Now, obviously, he has learned how to say things without really say things, but I feel I can infer a bit. I get the impression that he woudl have liked to have had Matt Leinart on the team in 2010, if for any other reason, because of continuity. 

He twice brought up the fact that all the quarterbacks were in "their first year in the system". He mentioned the pressure they were under because of injuries and because of how new things were. Even though Derek Anderson is a veteran, it was his first year with Ken Whisenhunt's offense. Breaston seems to think that, without changes, "with a season under their belt," that the team with the quarterbacks as constituted "would do well at the position."

What do you think? I would say that if for some reason that Anderson returned and that he were to start that he would do a better job. John Skelton would be a little better. Would that improvement be enough to make a difference in the division? Perhaps not, but Breaston (and I) do not discount that the QB play would be better in 2011 without any changes. 

The Donovan McNabb question was a surprise even for Breaston (he acknowledged this on Twitter). His answer was solid. What do I think about it? I can't get over how national media outlets keep bringing him up for the Cardinals. Could it happen? Certainly, but there has been no indication locally that he has ever been on the team's radar. 

Breaston's answer was diplomatic one, as would be expected. Would he like to see McNabb as a Cardinal? He might. I get the impression that the players don't really care or have a public preference, so long as whoever that is i helping the team. Any guy that is successful will win over his teammates. 

Did any of you take anything at all from the interview?