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The Arizona Cardinals I Would Like To Meet, Final Chapter: Steve Breaston

I now conclude the series of the players I would like to meet from the Arizona Cardinals, based on more than just football. Obviously, I would not complain about meeting any of them. They all would have an interesting perspective to football and life beyond football. Previously, my list of "want to meet" players were Beanie Wells, Sam Acho, Larry Fitzgerald and Jay Feely.

The final chapter of this series ends with the one and only Steve Breaston.

Steve Breaston is an interesting fellow, as we know. He is a poet in addition to being a football player -- and a pretty good one at that. He has written poetry since seventh grade. He is a comic book junkie. He loves himself some sneakers, too.

I am not a huge comic book guy, but I like comics. I never have collected them. I am not big on sneakers. I am, though, always intrigued by the creative side of some people, and Breaston is one of those guys. 

He also is well-versed in cartoons. Whether it is Thundercats in the background of his lockout poem video (yeah, it is Thundercats), quoting Peter Griffin from Family Guy or referring to Master Shake from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, he has watched and liked some of the same toons I grew up watching and still watch from time to time.

He also interacts with his followers on Twitter. I have had more than one conversation with him on Twitter, and I was lucky enough to grab a follow from him when he found out that I wrote for SB Nation AZ and now ROTB. He seems like a pretty cool guy. He just seems to "get it" when it comes to being a professional athlete and just a guy like us. 

These are the type of off-the-field stuff that make me think that he would be a pretty cool guy to meet and hang out with for a bit. 

As always, I extend you the invitation to write a FanPost of your own on the topic. It doesn't have to be long. But definitely give us your thoughts.