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Predict When The NFL Lockout Will End

It turns out that over the last three months, I have written now 50 posts about the NFL lockout. This is sad, but they way it has been. The lockout has kind of taken everything over. Only recently does it look like there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that there could be a deal done soon.

But when exactly it will happen, no one knows for sure, but we can certainly give it a good shot.

At my job, when graduation comes around, my colleagues run an office pool of how many minutes the ceremony will be from start to finish. I've never been right on.

Now I would like to propose something of an office pool or simply just an interactive poll that requires commenting. In the comments, tell us what date you predict. You can do the same date as someone else. I have posted recently that I think that July 1 will be the day, just in time for the holiday weekend.

Adam Schefter sees July 8 as the day and PFT thinks that June 30 will be the end of this dreaded lockout.

I would like to give this a couple of days and then share the data of predictions.

So everyone (EVERYONE --YES, I AM YELLING FOR EFFECT) post a comment giving your lockout end date prediction. Lots of comments will be needed to have enough data.

Have at it.