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6-17-11: Bird Droppings - QBs, Lockout Update, Twitter Fight

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Time to go into the weekend with some more links. Today, updates on Orton and Kolb, some news on two owners (apparently, the owners of the Bills and Bengals) who are not happy with how the bargaining between the NFLPA is going, a look at Beanie Wells compared to someone with the Panthers, and a Twitter War between A-Dub and Breaston.

Arizona Cardinals News:

From Beanie Wells to DeAngelo Williams - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Beanie Wells' comments to The Fan AM 1060 suggest he understands the urgency he faces heading into his third NFL season. Wells, generally promising as an Arizona Cardinals rookie in 2009, never got going after suffering a knee injury during the 2010 exhibition season. The team's decision to use a 2011 second-round choice for running back Ryan Williams turned up the pressure.

Word From the Birds Blog - Creating Larry Fitzgerald
Apropos of nothing, I noticed Larry Fitzgerald re-tweeting this video the other day, and it’s fascinating. It’s a TV piece run when Fitz was a Pitt sophomore (right before he came out of school) gunning for the Heisman Trophy in 2003 (he finished second behind Oklahoma QB Jason White). More importantly, it traces Fitz’s life at the end of high school and for his year in a military prep school because he didn’t have the grades to go to college. There’s also good stuff of Fitz talking about his mother’s (ultimately losing) battle with breast cancer.

Word From the Birds Blog - Quietly, Sendlein works
With not much else going on, the breakdowns by sites like have been interesting reads (not that they aren’t always) and as they have gotten into pass blocking of late, some Cards have taken their lumps, most notably tackles Levi Brown and Brandon Keith (Brown was ranked as second-worstleft tackle in the NFL last season, although Jeremy Bridges’ time as pass-protecting right tackle went pretty well). blogs - Kent Somers - Beanie Wells, at the old ball game
Running back Beanie Wells seems to understand the challenge ahead of him. In an interview with Chuck and Vince of The Fan AM -1060 today, Wells said "this is my third year and three strikes, you're out. I'm definitely not striking out this year."

Appears Fitz would be cool with Orton -
Larry Fitzgerald and Kyle Orton worked out together Thursday up in Minneapolis, a sure sign that the Cardinals WR favors the Broncos (for now) quarterback. Right? Well, maybe, but maybe not. Probably not. Who knows, it's really confusing.

Chat wrap: Worst offensive line in NFL? - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Shane from Los Angeles had a hard time disagreeing with Matt Williamson's chat comments suggesting the Arizona Cardinals could have the NFL's worst offensive line. He thinks a shaky line could make life tough for any quarterback, whether it's Kevin Kolb or Peyton Manning. And he wants to know what the Cardinals have planned to address the line.

Tweet-off between @adrian_wilson24 and @SBreaston15 -
The NFL lockout has dragged on so long even Cardinals safety Adrian Wilson, who previously said he would not join Twitter, finally gave in and started conversing with people 140 characters at a time. Thursday afternoon he got into a discussion with wide receiver Steve Breaston, the tone of which is up for debate. No doubt the players involved know the truth, but for now all we can do is speculate. And be entertained.

Warner: Kolb is the guy you get and build around -
If anyone would know what it takes to be a successful quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals it would be Kurt Warner (seeing as he's about the only one to find success in the team's 23-year history in the desert). Thursday, as a guest on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Warner made it clear there is one name that any team in need of a quarterback, including the Cardinals, should have at the top of their list.

Yet another analyst connects Kolb with Cards -
Another day and yet another NFL writer weighing in with his opinion on the Arizona Cardinals' quarterback kerfuffle (that's right, even after four months of talk we haven't run out of new words to describe it yet). This time it is Sports Illustrated's Jim Trotter who shared his opinion on who the next starting QB in Arizona will be via Twitter.

Orton and Fitzgerald get some practice time together | ProFootballTalk
Kyle Orton, who has frequently been rumored as a possible trade target for the Cardinals, joined Larry Fitzgerald’s famous workouts in Minnesota on Thursday. The picture to the right also including Broncos receiver Eric Decker was taken by Fitzgerald. He apparently said he’s known Orton for a while, so don’t read too much into things.

What if ... it's still Skelton?
The local talk all offseason has been about the Cardinals' need for a quarterback and how they're going to address it if/when the NFL lockout comes to an end. But what if they can't land a starting-caliber quarterback, either because of the lockout or because of some other unforseen obstacle? What if John Skelton (gulp) really is the best answer going into next season?

Arizona Sports News:

Justin Upton's home run lifts Diamondbacks over Giants
The helmet was gone before he even hit third base, discarded by a giddy Justin Upton as if it were some notion of a sweep by the San Francisco Giants. Upton's first career walk-off home run gave the Diamondbacks a 3-2, 10-inning win over the first-place Giants on Thursday night at Chase Field, allowing them to salvage the finale of the series and move a game closer to top of the NL West.

Diamondbacks' Willie Bloomquist fulfills wish with home run
Diamondbacks utility man Willie Bloomquist is about the farthest thing you can find from Babe Ruth in the power department, but Bloomquist borrowed a page from Ruth on Wednesday and made a sick kid's wish come true by smacking a home run.

Phoenix Suns need to stick with Steve Nash
Everyone felt something when the Mavericks won the championship. LeBron haters crowed with glee. Cleveland nearly staged a parade. Germany swelled in pride, makers of great automobiles and the best foreign-born player in NBA history. And when Dirk Nowitzki walked back down to the tunnel to savor his first few moments as a champion, a twinge of sadness struck Steve Kerr. He began thinking about Steve Nash.

Diana Taurasi still the catalyst for the Phoenix Mercury
Yes, fans will see a new Mercury team. A different Mercury team. The Mercury, who play their home opener Friday against the San Antonio Silver Stars, will feature an offense with a bit of an inside twist to their run-and-fun style of previous seasons. But even with tweaks and new players, the Mercury's success still comes down to the play of Diana Taurasi.

NFL News:

Several NFL owners resisting deal to end lockout, sources say - ESPN
An internal battle is percolating at some of the highest NFL circles in which some owners are resisting a labor deal they've been trying to negotiate with the players, according to multiple sources.

Front offices will need time to study new rules | ProFootballTalk
There’s an assumption in some circles that, if/when a new labor deal is reached, the free-agency will open when the clock strikes 12 to start the next day. The reality, however, is that the teams will need time to read and to understand the new rules that will apply to the acquisition and retention of players. Teams also will need time to digest the salary cap rules, for the purposes of forming a budget for signing players. As one source explained it earlier today, the NFL possibly will decide to call a league meeting on an expedited basis for the purposes of explaining the nuances of the new CBA.

Ultimate Rankings: Rams, Seahawks surge - NFC West Blog - ESPN
The St. Louis Rams are surging. The Seattle Seahawks are moving up, too. The Arizona Cardinals are plummeting. The San Francisco 49ers are slipping to a much smaller degree. Those were the conclusions offered up by ESPN's Ultimate Team Rankings for 2011.

Former New York Giants WR David Tyree: Same-sex marriage leads to 'anarchy' - ESPN New York
Former Giants receiver David Tyree shot a video saying that same sex marriage would lead to anarchy.

Osi Umenyiora in filing: New York Giants broke their promise - ESPN New York
In a sworn affidavit to be filed in federal court in Minnesota next month, Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora spells out why he has wanted out of New York.