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Video(s) Of The Day: Chasing The White Bronco

I said that not all of this would be Cardinals related, or even NFL related, and the first of the non Cardinals videos are these two of the police chase with O.J. Simpson that occurred 17 years ago today (or yesterday, depending on what time zone you are reading this from).

This might also be an interesting thing for us to discuss on here. Where where you when you first found out about the O.J. chase. I don't remember anything from that day because I was three years old and my memory is horrible from when I was a little kid, but most of you probably have some memories from this. So, speak up, where were you when you first saw the O.J. chase, or the results of the murder trial if you feel like mentioning that too.

O.J. Simpson's Police Chase (1994) (via originalmuthapukkca2)

June 17th 1994: The Ford Bronco chase with OJ (via ESPN)