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NFC West Roundup: The Pursuit of Free Agents, Crabtree’s Big Leap and Hey, Hey, Hey, It’s Fat Albert (in St. Louis?)

For this week's NFC West Roundup, I will be giving you a lot of news and links about reports that certain players could don the jersey of an NFC West team once the lockout ends. Also, take a look at the multiple players that are listed in these articles and feel free to comment below as to whether you think these players would fit with the team mentioned. The more conversation we get the better. Here is your NFC West Roundup. 


Will the Seahawks pursue CB Nnamdi Asomugha? - Blog -

John Clayton, the ESPN NFL Insider, recently stated that although he doesn’t think the Seattle Seahawks will pursue Nnamdi Asomugha, there is always a slight chance. He believes that Asomugha will demand somewhere between $12-13 million per year in contract negotiations, which he will probably receive. Not only could the price tag deter the ‘Hawks, but his age may be a concern as well as he is 30 years old and the Seahawks are looking to get younger. He is a dominant force and easily shuts down one side of the field no matter what team is on the other side of the ball. In the link, a statistic from STATS LLC tells us that Asomugha was only targeted on 33 pass attempts the entire season in 2010. Among many other teams, the San Francisco 49ers were also listed by Clayton as a possible destination. Let’s hope for the future quarterback of the Arizona Cardinals that he finds his home somewhere besides these two franchises.



Sources: Saints allowed Bush to gauge interest - NFL - Yahoo! Sports

The saga of Reggie Bush will apparently be transplanting to another city once the lockout is lifted. It was pretty much writing on the wall once the Saints traded back into the first round to select Heisman Trophy winner Mark Ingram. Now there are reports that the Saints have even allowed Bush to talk to other teams and to get a feel for what type of value he has on the open market. Among possible interested teams lie the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks already have running backs to the likes of Marshawn Lynch, Justin Forsett and Leon Washington, so I doubt someone like Bush would truly be in their sights. There is no doubt he would add another dynamic to their run game, as he is a fantastic receiver out of the backfield and his speed is unparalleled. The only thing that could easily scare the Seahawks is the money he will want. As a side note, I was quite surprised to not see the St. Louis Rams as a candidate for Bush’s services. 



2011 NFL Free Agency Primer: The Cornerback Position And The San Francisco 49ers - Niners Nation

It has been well documented throughout the offseason that the San Francisco 49ers need to acquire a dominant cornerback to take their team to the next level. As mentioned above, Nnamdi Asomugha could be an option, but this post at Niners Nation deals with many other prospects as well. It is assumed that the 49ers will not just be looking for any cornerback to solidify their secondary, but that they are looking for a true #1 guy. Among the possibilities are players like Chris Carr from the Baltimore Ravens and Antonio Cromartie, a current member of the New York Jets. Click the link above to see the rest of the options, but if the 49ers decide to get any of these guys, it will just make a more hectic environment for our quarterback (whoever that may be) to play in. 



49ers WR coach predicts big season for Michael Crabtree | National Football Post

New 49ers wide receivers coach John Morton recently talked with Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee stating that he believes Michael Crabtree will have a huge season. Last year, Crabtree racked up a total of 741 yards and six touchdowns, so Brad Biggs of Nation Football Post believes that something over 1,000 yards would suffice as a "break out" season. Crabtree, the former first round selection out of Texas Tech, is probable to have a better season due to coaching changes alone. With a new West Coast Offense installed in the Bay Area, there is no doubt that the 49ers offense will become more potent. 



Whether Haynesworth would fit with Rams - NFC West Blog - ESPN

Mike Sando at ESPN recently received a question as to whether the St. Louis Rams would be interested in the services of Albert Haynesworth. If a team decided to trade for, Fat Albert, that franchise would owe him an astounding $5.4 million for next season. His work ethic and poisonous attitude certainly do not justify a contract such as that, so the odds that he is traded to a team that would pay that bill are slim to none. What if he was willing to re-negotiate his massive contract? The Rams would certainly be interested then, right? Sando explains that the Rams have built that defense around steady players such as Fred Robbins, Chris Long and James Laurinaitis, so the odds are that they would not want to bring in a guy that would cause dissension. If Haynesworth can return to a form where he once again becomes effective in a 4-3 defense, the Rams could acquire a huge piece to add to their already decent defense. Like anything else, it is all about the Benjamins. 



Peter King thinks the St. Louis Rams should take a chance on Plaxico - Turf Show Times

A couple of weeks ago in the NFC West Roundup, I mentioned that the St. Louis Rams may have interest in Plaxico Burress now that he has been released from jail. Plaxico is a 34 year old receiver that hasn’t seen an NFL snap in over two seasons. With newly hired agent Drew Rosenhaus, there is hardly a doubt that he will be looking for a pretty lucrative contract once free agency begins. To add fuel to the fire, Peter King from Sports Illustrated recently stated that he thinks the Rams should sign Burress. He even went as far as saying, "no doubt in my mind," which is a pretty bold statement, making it quite apparent as to where he wants Plaxico to be. Like VanRam at Turf Show Times, the Rams should probably worry more about a second option at running back than a receiver like Plaxico.