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Tweet, Tweet! 6/19: Feely As Husband, Dockett Misunderstanding, A-Dub Advice, Breaston Beats Down Seattle Fan

Another Sunday is here and another edition of Tweet, Tweet! is upon us. If you didn't catch it, Adrian Wilson (@adrian_wilson24) is now on Twitter and apparently was mixing it up a little bit with Steve Breaston. This week Wilson makes it on the list of best tweets, even in his first week. Honestly, I have to wonder why he didn't tweet before because it looks like he is one of the most active Cardinals on there.

As for last week, Steve Breaston's tweet about the NFL's toughest venues was your favorite. Here it is again:

Where's the 8th U.S Circuit Court of appeals in St. Louis? RT @AdamSchefter: the NFL's top 10 toughest venues:

Hit the jump and read the tweets for this week and vote for your favorite!

Darnell Dockett (@ddockett) tweets about the lockout (and apparently misunderstands how the whole lockout things works):

Yall talking bout yall ready for football season now! Shit not me! NOT until we get a QB! We can keep rocking with this lockout! *shrug*

Note to Darnell: As long as the lockout is on, the team can't get a QB. That'll only happen AFTER it's over.

Larry Fitzgerald (@larryfitzgerald) gives weight loss advice in this tweet:

Sex w/ the A/C off RT @PNeckles: what would you suggest a working mother w/ little time to do for rapid weightloss?Est 20 to 30lbs to lose

John Skelton (@johnskelton19) comments (perhaps with envy) about the Terrelle Pryor scandal:

I think T Pryor made more money then me last year. And his was all tax free. Grease those palms.

Adrian Wilson (@adrian_wilson24) acts like a leader, giving advice to young receiver Stephen Williams (@SteveWill_14) when Williams can't make workouts with A-Dub for a bit:

@SteveWill_14 remember what the goal is... Reach for it everyday.. Even when no one is watching.

Steve Breaston (@sbreaston15) beats down a Seattle Seahawks fan who gloats about being division champs:

U had to wait 2 years and some change 2 tweet that. #Sitdown lol Rt@Seahawks2923: Cards need some remindin' bout who owns this division =)

Jay Feely (@jayfeely) shares a pair of tweets that deal with the travails of being married (I can feel for the man):

I love @rebeccafeely even when I give her 2 hrs to get ready and she's late, only to find out she forgot her shoes for the dress...So here I am at Bloomingdales texting her pictures of shoes and buying a new pair. @rebeccafeely you owe me!!

Don't forget to vote for your favorite!