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Signing Matt Hasselbeck Could Be A Little Costly For Cardinals (Or Any Team)

Matt Hasselbeck has been one of many quarterbacks connected to the Arizona Cardinals. He has also been reportedly set to return to the Seattle Seahawks and then in other instances he is not going back. Other reports say he is a candidate to play in Tennessee and mentor young Jake Locker. Now the latest news has information regarding the alleged contract offer he declined from Seattle.

What most believed the reason why Hasselbeck did not re-sign was because he was seeking a two-year deal and the Seahawks only would offer one. But John Clayton was on a radio show in Seattle and apparently the offer he received was for $7 million.

Since reportedly the issue was not money, we can infer that he was seeking two years, $14 million, at least. Is that an amount you would pay Hasselbeck for the Arizona Cardinals?

Remember that Arizona paid Kurt Warner a one-year, $4 million deal and then two years for $10 million. And those deals were not expecting to be a starter. He ended up outplaying those deals.

If Hasselbeck were to come to Arizona, he would be the obvious starter. I don't think that his asking price is too high, especially if all of it is not guaranteed.

Now whether or not we want him to be the guy is a completely different issue. That debate has been going on for a while. I personally think that he is likely the best veteran option if a trade does not happen. And $7 million for an established starter in the league is not too much money.