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Are You Ready For Free Agent Chaos After NFL Lockout Ends?

With the NFL lockout still taking its time but with some optimism of a deal that could come fairly soon, we have a lot to look forward to. However, with an abbreviated offseason, we could be in for much more than we expected in the way of excitement.

First there will be draft picks to sign, then there will be the undrafted rookies to sign. There will be trades and free agency. Miami Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland can only come up with one word to describe what will likely happen -- "nuts."

Teams will probably go on a spending frenzy. There will be little time and everyone will be anxious to get their team's needs met. News will explode and blogs will be going crazy trying to keep up. (I just hope I am somewhere with easy Internet access to get news and commentary up quickly when it happens).

Just think, there could be as little as a couple of weeks to fill out a team's roster. Also, it could be that with the new agreement that teams will be required to commit a minimum of 90 percent of the salary cap to their player salaries (unlike last season when there was no cap and no floor).

I have a feeling that money is gong to be thrown around like crazy and the players and agents will be happy. The new deal will benefit the owners more than the last one, for sure, but with the chaos that will ensure, there will likely be more than a few "bad contracts."

I just hope the Cardinals don't end up with them.

In any case, it is going to be an exciting time for us, but I have to agree with Ireland and think that it is going to be maddening.