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Video Of The Day: Fitz Gets Robbed By The Refs(?)

For this weeks video, here is a little question for you. Was the play from this video a catch or not?

The play is from the Monday Night game against the 49ers where the Cardinals had seven fumbles and the entire game was a sloppy turnover filled mess. And the play I am speaking of is Kurt Warner's deep pass from about midfield for Larry Fitzgerald that looked like it was caught at the one yard line (the video says it was a Touchdown, but it looked like Fitz was down at the one yard line).

From what I saw, Fitz was down by contact with the ball, and it was ripped out of his hands after he was already down. The refs said that it was an incomplete pass after it was challenged. Now, what do you think, is this a catch or not?

Larry Fitzgerald robbed of a touchdown MNF 12/14/2009 (via kobeakamrmvp)