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The Interior Line - A Look At Rex Hadnot

Outside of the QB position the Cardinals offense line is one of the biggest question marks on the team. With Alan Faneca retiring and Lyle Sendlein and Deuce Lutui most likely eligible for FA for this potential season it leaves us with some serious questions about the the future of our line.

Lately it has become well documented that Sendlein is likely to return as he is highly regarded by the coaches and now because of recent reports is becoming more appreciated by the fans. Many also believe that Lutui is a goner as he will look for the most money in FA and because of disciple issues under Ken Whisenhunt many feel it is unlikely the Cards will aggressively pursue him. With Faneca retiring and Lutui likely gone in FA it leaves us with the question, who's going to fill in at the guard position?


Signed last year in 2010 Rex Hadnot, the former Dolphins 6th round pick, took very few snaps for the Cardinals. Hadnot though started his career hot becoming a full time starter his second year for the Dolphins in 2005 playing for a line that gave up only 26 sacks and also rushed for over 110 yards a game. Hadnot was often moved around by the coaching staff with stints as an RG, LG and as a C showing his versatility as an interior player. In 2006 the entire offensive line and team slumped, including Hadnot giving up a whopping 47 sacks total (it is difficult to gage how many were on Hadnot). Having Joey Harrington and Daunte Culpepper as QB's probably didn't help but the Dolphins still managed to average over 100 yards a game and 4.2 YPC rushing. 

While playing for Miami the Dolphins the only averaged under a 100 yards per game rushing once in 2007. But the offensive line did give up over 40 sacks each season during his tenure except during the 2005 season. For whatever reasons the Dolphins did not attempt to resign Hadnot at the expiration of his rookie contract. Hadnot signed with the Cleveland Browns for their 2008 season and started 15 games, missing one because of injury. The Browns finished 4-12 that season but did average over 100 yards on the ground per game. In 2009 Hadnot saw a large reduction of playing time, playing in only 9 games and starting just six due to a knee injury. He was not resigned.

2010 brings Hadnot to the Cards who played him sparingly. In scouting reports, Hadnot has been described as a well disciplined blocker who is rarely flagged and excels at pulling and finding someone to block on screens. He shows good control on his pulls and always finds someone to block. He isn't incredibly powerful nor is he very fast but he does show good mobility. His issues arise from very bad hand work. This article comes from a Steelers blog but I think is very good break down of Hadnots game.

With all of these in mind it shows that Hadnot is a solid player in the league and a capable starter but is nothing exceptional. I believe he will fill in nicely though I worry about him being pared on the same side as Levi because Hadnot seems to struggle in pass protection.

Next I will break down current roster players Tom Pestock and Cliff Louis.