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What Arizona Cardinals Free Agents Should Be The Priority to Re-sign?

With the likely free agency rules known, we now know who will be restricted and unrestricted free agents. Once the lockout ends, the Arizona Cardinals will now have four players who will become unrestricted free agents, when they were set to be restricted free agents. The tenders that the team offered them will no longer matter. 

Offensive linemen Lyle Sendlein and Deuce Lutui, receiver Steve Breaston and defensive lineman Alan Branch are all now going to be able to leave without the team receiving compensation for them. The question is, should the team attempt to bring them back and, if so, what is the priority for each. Who should be targeted first?

I would target all four players and try to re-sign each. The offensive line only has, of the 2010 starters, only Levi Brown under contract. Brandon Keith will be a RFA, but there is the slight chance he leaves. With Alan Faneca retiring and if both Sendlein and Lutui were to leave, that would leave complete turnover on the interior line. 

I don't think  that I can separate the two. They are equal priority for me. They were both the team's best linemen. They need to be back.

Next on the list would be Breaston. Yes, there is some talent that could replace him and perhaps a player in Andre Roberts that has the same type of skillset, but Breaston is a guy I want on my team. Aside from the production I believe he will achieve, his humility and drive are great for the team. We know what he can do and it is good. His knee injury is fully healed, an "afterthought," according to Breaston himself. 

Last on the priority list for me is Alan Branch. He played much better in 2010, but that could have been motivated by the contract year. However, I like bringing him back at a decent price is good. With the lockout taking time away, having people that know the terminology and plans will be a must. Plus, I believe that he will build upon last season and do even more. 

Now it is your turn. Which players do you bring back? What is the priority list for you? Do you agree with me? Fire away with the comments.