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6-22-11: Bird Droppings - Lockout, Workouts, More

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Time for some more links. Today, we get a little bit more on the lockout, including a post on how the new CBA might be bad for small market teams. As for the Cardinals, most of the links are about the workouts some of the players are trying to set up, and there is a new podcast from All that and much more after the jump.

Arizona Cardinals News:

Cardinals trying, ever so hard, to practice -
With the lockout maybe, possibly and wishfully nearing an end, the time for teams to begin readying for the next season may be at hand. A few Cardinals, though, are tired of waiting around. They want to make sure everyone is ready to go.

Looking At The Defensive Line
High hopes for expected starting trio

Word From the Birds Blog - A "minicamp" plan of sorts, and other stuff
Kent Somers has some comments from safety Adrian Wilson this morning about Cards vets — notably Wilson and Larry Fitzgerald, but including guys like Levi Brown and Jeremy Bridges — trying to organize a three-day "minicamp" for the players as they wait out what is hopefully the final stretch of the labor impasse. "We’re trying to get three days in, or three practices in, depending on what guys have to do," Wilson told Somers. "We’re not trying to take up guys’ time but we are trying to get better as a team, get better as individual units."

Word From the Birds Blog - Revisionist History: Aeneas authors Young’s last chapter
It was the hit that changed a little history, at least for the 49ers, and the Cardinals were the ones that delivered it. There is some irony there, given that the two are rivals now, because back in 1999, they most certainly weren’t. Still, the concussion-inducing shot absorbed by then-49ers quarterback Steve Young by cornerback Aeneas Williams ended Young’s career, and hasn’t been forgotten.

Word From the Birds Blog - Adams is money when it comes to tackling
It’s been mentioned more than a few times that cornerback Michael Adams is pound-for-pound perhaps the best tackler the Cards have on defense. Now there are some stats to back it up. A new study by shows the defensive players who are most effective in making the tackle after a pass reception, and "Money Mike" is listed as the second-best cornerback in the NFL, percentage-wise, in 2010. Adams is credited with 47 percent "successful" tackle rate (14 in 30 chances), behind only the EaglesAsante Samuel.

NFL: Steve Breaston's thoughts on the lockout are refreshing - ESPN
Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Steve Breaston recently wrote a poem about the NFL lockout, a creative flow that netted a little buzz after he recited it on YouTube. What it should've done by now was attract more viewers searching for a sympathetic voice in the midst of all this drama. Breaston's poem spoke to his pent-up frustration and the mounting disillusionment of fans. It was his way of letting everybody know the collateral damage that has resulted from what has been a four-month-long feud.

Cardinals Underground Podcast (Summer Edition)
Paul Calvisi, Darren Urban, and Ron Wolfley talk about potential QB's, free agency, and who they are excited to see from the Cardinals 2011 draft class.

All In: Cardinals Field Crew
Video Gallery:

Arizona Sports News:

Arizona Diamondbacks' Wily Mo Pena flexes power bat in return to big leagues
Through the season's first 2 1/2 months, players promoted from Triple-A Reno would arrive in the Diamondbacks clubhouse sharing firsthand accounts of Wily Mo Pena blasts like they were Bigfoot sightings. On Tuesday night, Pena added another tall tale to his already oversized legend with a missile of a home run in his first game back in the big leagues since 2008, a 7-2 Diamondbacks victory over the Kansas City Royals at Kauffman Stadium.

Penny Taylor, Candice Dupree guide Phoenix Mercury to road win
Penny Taylor scored 30 points and Candice Dupree had 20 points and 13 rebounds to help the Mercury beat the San Antonio Silver Stars 105-98 on Tuesday night.

Suns adamant about not dealing Nash or Gortat -
Remember that game you used to play as a kid where you'd stare at another person and the first one to blink lost? The Phoenix Suns and certain writers around the league are in the midst of an epic one of those games right now. In three days, three separate rumors involving the Suns made the rounds across the Internet. One involving Steve Nash going to the Knicks for Chauncey Billups from New York Post (the equivalent of a tabloid randomly claiming two celebrity friends are dating). A rumor from ESPN's Chad Ford involving Marcin Gortat heading to Minnesota for the No. 2 pick and another from Ford, and the most interesting, rumor suggested that the Suns had called the Timberwolves offering Nash and other parts for the pick that would likely become Arizona's Derrick Williams.

Suns' Steve Nash reiterates stance on staying in Phoenix
It was appropriate that Steve Nash had to reiterate his stance on his Suns commitment on the same day his team president, Lon Babby, needed to reiterate the franchise's commitment to him.

Phoenix Suns' Lon Babby firm on not trading Steve Nash
Suns President of Basketball Operations Lon Babby had an emphatic response to a Wednesday morning report that the Suns have discussed trading Nash to Minnesota in a package for the No. 2 pick in Thursday's draft. It came on the heels of denying another report that the Suns explored sending Marcin Gortat to Minnesota. "We are not trading Marcin Gortat. Period. End of sentence," Babby said Wednesday morning. "We are not trading Steve Nash. Period. Exclamation point."

Suns call Gortat trade rumors unfounded -
Marcin Gortat shouldn't hand in his t-shirts and shorts for parkas and show boots just yet. Despite trade rumors that suggest the Phoenix Suns are looking to deal their center and the No. 13 pick to Minnesota for the No. 2 pick and Nikola Pekovic, the team's front office sounds like they don't want to part with their big man.

NFL News:

NFL could be back in business by July 15 - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
If all goes well between owners and players this week, free agency may start within a month.

NFL labor issues creating unusual free agency situation -
There is good news coming out of the Windy City and it has nothing to do with hot air. The owners seem relatively unified in approving a structure for the new CBA. Tuesday marks day ninety-eight of the lockout, the longest work stoppage in NFL history. But if the owners and players, whom are scheduled to meet Wednesday and Thursday, can ratify the parameters of this deal we'll have football on schedule with training camps going off without a hitch!

The NFL Lockout Could End Soon With A New CBA And More Football, More Often -
The NFL lockout is nearing an end as the owners and NFLPA are reportedly getting close to a new collective bargaining deal with an agreement that would give fans more football than ever. But if the NFL plays on Thursday nights all year round, is that a good thing?

Terrell Suggs: Rookies should have to earn their money | ProFootballTalk
When Terrell Suggs was drafted 10th overall by the Ravens in 2003, he thought it was great that Top 10 picks could get big contracts before ever playing a down in the NFL. He doesn’t think that anymore.

New CBA without revenue-sharing changes could be bad news for small markets | ProFootballTalk
Some believed that Tuesday’s ownership meeting in Chicago would become a gripe session of the owners who don’t like the path on which the current labor negotiations is moving. Apparently, however, there’s a fundamental difference between griping to a reporter on an off-the-record basis and standing up in the company of one’s peers and poking holes in the promise of progress. The proverbial elephant in the room remains, for the owners, revenue sharing. As one source with knowledge of the situation tells us, it’s still a big issue for the small-market teams, but so far no one has been willing to bring it up.

Breaking down wide receivers: St. Louis - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Scouts Inc.'s Matt Williamson breaks down the wide receivers of each NFC West team. Today: St. Louis Rams.

Experts: Helmets can help, but won't end concussions - ESPN
Improved helmet design has helped reduce concussions in impact sports such as football and hockey, but it may be impossible to design a helmet that completely eliminates them, according to a panel of sports science professors outlining the latest findings

Displaced Super Bowl fans seeking lost income - ESPN Dallas
Super Bowl ticket-holders displaced during the seating fiasco at Cowboys Stadium in February said Tuesday in a court filing they should be compensated for lost income on top of the other expenses they incurred.