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Adrian Wilson Not 'Out To Prove People Wrong,' But Working Like It

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OK, the headline is kind of obvious. If there is one guy we know is getting ready for the 2011 football season, it is Arizona Cardinals safety Adrian Wilson. He is the defensive leader on the team, he learned the defensive playbook already and he pushes other teammates to be better, like Sam Acho and even irritates them sometimes (see Twitter argument with Steve Breaston). But a recent revelation by A-Dub has me more than a little amped up to see him play this year.

He tweeted out that he is in amazing physical condition, stating this: 

223lbs right now... Lost 10 pounds from last year feel great. 3.5% body fat.

He also revealed that he is not having any issues with the surgery he had on his hip.

He sounds like a man on a mission. Now, he said himself on a interview on local radio that he didn't play as well as anyone expected, but stated he isn't "out to prove people wrong." However, he certainly is trying to be better. 

One of the knocks on him is that he has perhaps lost a step. Is there better way to combat that than drop a few pounds? Then he has less fat. He is stronger. That should also help with the broken tackle issue we noted here on this site. 

Wilson sounds like a very, very motivated man. I can't wait to see him play in 2011. I have a feeling that he is going to make some opposing players pay for his disappointments of 2010.