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Donovan McNabb Seeking To Prove People Wrong -- Does This Change Anything For You?

The national media has been beating the "Donovan McNabb to Arizona Cardinals" rumors for a year or more. With his living in the Valley and being friends with Larry Fitzgerald, they connect the dots and say that he would be a good match here. However, both Kent Somers and Darren Urban have been working hard to dispel such rumors. When McNabb was known to be available, the Cardinals never even inquired. 

However, after a tough 2010 season in Washington, McNabb is looking to improve and sent a message to his detractors.

A video of his "Facetime" with Real Robinson shows a side of McNabb we have not really seen -- one in which he flat out says he's "going to prove you wrong." Here is the video:

He cites working hard this offseason to make 2011 "special." AS his main knock was accuracy, he has been drilling fundamentals. He cited his conditioning as well, which came into question late in the 2010 season. 

I have been against getting McNabb for the Cardinals. However, this video softens my stance a bit. If he really has worked to improve and has a chip on his shoulder, he might not be a bad pickup to play for another year or two. 

Does this change anything for you in he community? Do you want McNabb now or do you have a different outlook?