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6-23-11: Bird Droppings - Kolb Update

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Getting this up early again today. There is a little bit of good news coming out about the lockout, but we also have an update on what Philly might want for Kevin Kolb. Here is a hint, its not draft picks....

Arizona Cardinals News:

Eagles' asking price for Kevin Kolb has changed -
The lockout could cost the Arizona Cardinals a lot more than OTAs and mini camps. It could cost them a player. It's starting to sound like the price the Philadelphia Eagles are seeking for Kevin Kolb may have changed thanks to all the free time on their hands. They believe they're contenders in 2011 so, according to ESPN, instead of 2012 draft picks, they are seeking a player in return for the backup signal caller.

Cardinals' Rhodes maintains big-picture focus
Kerry Rhodes discusses his 'Hollywood' reputation, diverse interests and expectations for the 2011 season. blogs - Kent Somers - Lists and more lists
Labor problems have not only resulted in lockout of the players, but they also have reduced the flow of news to a trickle. That's why so many media outlets are coming up with lists and power rankings. And that's not a criticism. Those things have provided plenty of blog items in these desperate times. A couple of rankings caught my eye this week. ESPN's NFL writers ranked assistant coaches as head-coaching candidates. Anyone with head coaching experience was not included.

Arizona Sports News:

Diamondbacks grind out another road win over Royals
In previous seasons, the Diamondbacks' feast or famine offense had a way of foreshadowing its destiny early in the game. If the opposing pitcher struggled, it seemed, they had a shot to capitalize, a shot to win. But on nights when the other team's starter came out strong, the Diamondbacks' lineup tended to topple over like a house of cards. That hasn't seemed to be the case with this year's team, with the latest piece of evidence coming in Wednesday night's 3-2 win over the Kansas City Royals. For the second game in a row, the Diamondbacks were shut down early only to break through late, this time doing so against Royals left-hander Jeff Francis.

Phoenix Suns seek impact with No. 13 NBA draft pick
Since adding Amar'e Stoudemire and Leandro Barbosa in 2002 and 2003, most of the Suns' draft contributions to the NBA have been for other teams.

Phoenix Suns' draft pick will say a lot about team's future
In his final news conference before Thursday's NBA draft, Suns General Manager Lance Blanks spoke for 21 minutes - and said absolutely nothing. The Suns might hold onto the No. 13 pick. Or they might not. They'd like a "bulky" player who can play defense and protect the rim, or a perimeter player who can finish. Oh, a backup point guard would be nice, too.

NFL News:

Lockout: NFL, players resume talks in Boston area - ESPN
NFL owners and players are meeting Wednesday in the Boston area in the latest attempt to work out a new collective bargaining agreement.

NFL lockout: 'Fruitful' talks continuing in Boston, source says - ESPN
The NFL labor talks are continuing for a second consecutive day in the Boston area, a source with direct knowledge of the negotiations told ESPN on Thursday.

NFL labor talks: What we learned - NFL Nation Blog - ESPN
NFL owners met for a little more than five hours Tuesday at a Chicago airport hotel to hear from commissioner Roger Goodell about the progress of labor talks.