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Would The Arizona Cardinals Trade DRC For Kevin Kolb?

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I know the discussion has already begun a bit in Thursday's edition of Bird Droppings, but the latest supposed reports about Kevin Kolb and the Arizona Cardinals actually conflict. NFL Network's Jason LaCanfora says that it will take, in the end, a first round draft pick to land Kolb and that the "race" is down to Seattle and Arizona. ESPN's Sal Paulantonio says that it will take a player and not a pick to land him. Putting pieces together, the two biggest needs that the Eagles have are at defensive line and cornerback. That is where Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie comes in.

According to a Philadelphia broadcaster that supposedly is "tapped in" to the Eagles, it is a "done deal" that Kevin Kolb will come to Arizona for DRC. 

Do I believe that this deal is done? Not at all. What discussions could have been going on? And how would the asking price have changed if these talks cannot happen? Sure they could be under the table, but we know that the Bidwill family does not have the reputation of doing that sort of thing.

Would I make this deal? That's a different question. There's a lot to consider. 

Argument number one:

In favor: In the pecking order of football, QB > CB, especially when the QB could be a franchise guy. Good corners are easier to find. 

Against: Kolb is a risky proposition because he lacks the experience to be sure. He has had spectacular games and a couple of stinkers. Why would you trade an established Pro Bowl guy for a guy who is still unknown? Also, the Cards have certainly struggled in their history to find great corners. They have had Aeneas Williams, but other than that, it has been a merry-go-round of players in coverage that ranged in ability. 

Argument number two:

In favor: DRC is expendable. With Greg Toler developing and Patrick Peterson coming to town, DRC can go. Plus, he is not considered an ideal fit at corner for Ray Horton's defense. He was disappointing in 2010, so that is another reason. His potential has always been greater than his performance so far.

Against: He's not really expendable. He's the only corner with any track record. Toler has potential, but there are some doubts whether Patrick Peterson will be more of a corner or a safety in the league. Moving him pushes Peterson to the starting lineup Day 1, but Ken Whisenhunt is loathe to do that. Plus, looking at coverage stats, we know that pushing Michael Adams out of the nickelback position will be an improvement in coverage.

Do I make that trade? Depends on one thing -- do I as the front office believe he is a franchise guy? If so, yes. If he is simply the best guy available, nope. At corner, could it really be any worse than it was in 2010 when DRC was starting? Probably not. But if he is not anything other than "the guy" for the team, I wouldn't make that or really any deal. 

The rest of you -- would you even consider that proposal? It's worth kicking the tires at least.