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NFL Lockout News: New CBA Not 'Close,' But 'Within Striking Distance'

Yes, the lockout news continues as the players and owners met in Boston, continuing their "secret" talks on the 100th day of the NFL lockout. I assume that "secret" means that they will not talk about it, rather than being a secret that they are meeting. In any case, as reporter Albert Breer described the situation as moving closer to a new deal and ending the work stoppage that is now in its fourth month. His tweet said this:

Deal is NOT "close" b/c there are hurdles left. But it is "within striking distance".

Adam Schefter, though, said that "labor talks did not go well today." But this was because for the first time teh two sides began to discuss rookie salaries. There are differences.

However, the biggest hurdle seems to be cleared in that some trust has been regained from the owners because they are now set to share all the revenue, rather than share all but a billion dollars. That was a big step forward. Even the dreaded and hated Demaurice Smith is coming around. 

Both Smith and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell spoke together in optimistic tones. Both sides are now committed to getting a deal done so that football starts on time. 

Seems like this is what should have been happening in March when the players walked out. Yes, the owners gave an offer that was not good, according to the players. However, the talking should have continued and maybe we would have already been talking about how to finish filling rosters before training camp, rather than what we have been dealing with. 

At least it's looking better.